Website Issues Plague Obama Administration

The White House promises to fix the health insurance website as quickly as possible.
3:00 | 10/26/13

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Transcript for Website Issues Plague Obama Administration
We're going to turn to the latest on obama care, the debacle. The white house prompting the new federal health insurance website will be fully fixed. But it will take weeks. The problems, there are dozens of them at healthcare.Gov, are more than we were told. And jeff zeleny has the latest from the white house. Good morning, jeff. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. The white house is hitting reboot, now saying the troubled website will be ready but not until the end of next month. In his weekly address this morning, president obama offering a blunt admission about the failures in his signature health care law. As you may have heard, the site isn't working the way it's supposed to yet. Reporter: The white house acknowledging the full scope of problems with its beleaguered healthcare.Gov website. The white house is hiring a new troubleshooter, promising by november 30th to fix the errors. The president trying to downplay the setback. Some people have poked fun at me for sounding like an insurance salesman. That's okay. I would still be out there championing this law, even if the website were perfect. Reporter: But perfect, it's not. Administration officials say the website performance is improving. But still not signing up enough customers. While 90% of applicants can now create an account on the website, the next step remains an obstacle. Only three in ten attempts to actually buy insurance are being completed. Good morning, everybody. Reporter: Republicans are calling for health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius to resign. On a trip to texas friday, she said she was blindsided by the failed website. I didn't realize it wouldn't be operationing optimally before the launch. Reporter: But the criticism is coming from all sides. Ten democratic senators are urging the white house to delay at least some provisions of the affordable care act. New hampshire senator jeanne shaheen summed up concern in a letter to the president. Saying, allowing extra time for consumers is critically important. This morning, the president is asking for patience. We are going to get it working as smoothly as it's supposed to. We have people working overtime, 24/7, to boost capacity and address these problems every, single day. Reporter: Now, even administration officials concede this rollout has been nothing short of a disaster. Mainly because it's giving all of the critics of this plan new ammunition here. But those critics will be out in full force next week, when kathleen sebelius testifies on capitol hill in front of this congressional committee still investigating this health care site. Dan and bianna? The pressure continues. You have republicans and democrats attacking what's been going on and how poorly this has been planned and rolled out. Jeff, our thanks to you.

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{"id":20690501,"title":" Website Issues Plague Obama Administration","duration":"3:00","description":"The White House promises to fix the health insurance website as quickly as possible.","url":"/GMA/video/healthcare-website-issues-plague-obama-administration-20690501","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}