Hearing Our Heroes

NY High School Students Listen to Veterans.
4:15 | 12/21/12

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Transcript for Hearing Our Heroes
Thank you. I would love understand how much is that sacrifice for us go. We try to Sean means an amazing kid YE never ceases to amaze me he's. Always comes up at these ideas. He follows them through they take hours of their life and help. The group of people that -- this country -- for 200 years and I'm just proud New Zealand who lives. Actually getting. -- -- -- -- Gloria Diaz. It is. Thank you very much. Remembering. And remember that freedom is not freedom. My -- -- I am president there. If your heroes is an organization. Establish and -- questions in my senior trial on a school -- Or do you hope to list -- thank local -- -- service. He came to me with an eye ear and he would sign that he simply asking for our right to be hospitalized. Wouldn't -- -- -- hospital for. And -- -- -- and -- the -- and we're listening to you. Our hero stories and -- also trials and for their needs they spoke to us veterans of the VA hospital. They have visited Walter Reed hospital and brought a lot of good wishes and -- -- -- To so many was suffering there they have a program -- -- -- -- -- -- for them -- vigorous -- it -- them to get a smile on the face. And then maybe they'll back and -- -- -- note that time was president this is what I fought for I fought for -- the future generations. It brings tears in my eyes you know. Presiding get a break -- careful. When I see some of the veterans and see how proud they are and it they have this sense. A private these kids are actually interested another thing they want to tell this story and excited they have these these kids to tell their stories -- them. All Americans haven't had a debt to our veterans. And you will never be able to pay back and so. I think it stems -- Basically -- and who had this idea. Although -- and nine elevenths. Think his constant -- -- got these kids -- my father was a firefighter. Faster still relevant to community was really several mystery to us. Ever since I I've felt that I need to give back to community. My husband was probably one of the nicest people I ever met in my life. Kind sweet caring considerate and I see all those qualities -- short. I tell us -- on daddy left his best qualities hill -- tell him how proud. That mommy daddy -- Every time you someone that worked with him. They always they always tell me how music -- -- you're living that assumption and so are trying to investigate everything -- do. Because I know that's what he reforms and hands he -- We've -- a lot of. Found a very small part of the United States of America. My hope the outcome appearing -- heroes is. It will spread to schools -- -- country I hope for goes nationwide. It was going to be a big boost -- -- Veterans of course the country knowing that all of the people do care. I cannot -- and see what what is thought to have death row because you know -- -- seems to be getting better about it it's amazing what we're doing. As thankfully artwork I feel this kid is being so kind of politician to lead to a phone calling make a big difference. So where he's got my vote now back a moment. But that's just like get on the list of them shovel full of it can really being. A force for good and hopefully throughout the country but that's my that's my vision for here hear those. Maybe. To a lot of hard work and dedication and we'll -- time we can accomplish it.

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{"id":18038418,"title":"Hearing Our Heroes","duration":"4:15","description":"NY High School Students Listen to Veterans.","url":"/GMA/video/hearing-heroes-18038418","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}