Heart Attacks Without Chest Pains

A new study shows heart attacks without chest pains are more deadly for women.
2:24 | 02/22/12

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Transcript for Heart Attacks Without Chest Pains
Information about women and heart attacks a study just published. The journal of the American medical association's finds that you don't have to have chest pains to have a heart attack and that would compared to those. With chest pain. Women under 45 without chest pain. And most likely to die publishing ventures here with this critical information -- -- a lot of people and I'd just said that they sat up and tempers are you talking about. Yeah I mean if you're a woman younger than 45 who thinks it all heart attacks have chest pain in the only happen in old man he need to listen to this because that this could save your life. They looked at more than a million men and women who were hospitalized with heart attacks and they found that heart attacks occurred in every age group. And they didn't all have chest pain -- look at this this is women who -- you under 4519%. Of them were hospitalized without any chest pain. If you don't have chest pain. It's a bad sign women under 45 who did not have chest pain. 15%. Of them died in the hospital compared to only 2% of those women who showed up the hospital with chest pain for as long as I remember Richard when talking about the classic symptom of the chest pain so -- are -- Well I -- chest pain is still the number one but there's some unusual signs of of a heart attack they women may not know of this and have been meant as well. Shortness of breath is one of those back pain is another one of those jaw or neck pain. Nausea -- that it it's. The stomach pain fever. Those are signs they can they can tell you that actually your having a heart attack -- you look at those sentences saying. Okay that's the -- that's a lot of different things haven't how do you differentiate well I -- it can be hard to sort out but a few things to think about. You have a big family history of heart disease if so take that seriously -- a group of these symptoms come on suddenly. Or are they more severe than you've ever had before if you're seeing those kinds of things. You want to get it checked out women are much more likely to delay getting it checked out and that leads to death. But also doctors have to know too because we hear a classic cases of women going -- and they say they think they're having it and the doctor and medical staff for saying no no no you're being sent. Think even he can think about this way you know for a woman if a woman has a lump in her breath she knows what to do she gets a check out. But a lot of women don't know these signs of a heart attack but over the course -- life. Heart disease is more likely to kill women and even breast cancer -- something to keep in mind we have these on the abcnews.com. Check him out women need to learn these thanks so much.

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{"id":15764385,"title":"Heart Attacks Without Chest Pains","duration":"2:24","description":"A new study shows heart attacks without chest pains are more deadly for women.","url":"/GMA/video/heart-attacks-chest-pains-deadly-women-15764385","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}