How to Get a Boost at the Workplace

Time Magazine has the tips on how to appear more powerful.
2:47 | 07/23/14

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Transcript for How to Get a Boost at the Workplace
the top stories. "Time" magazine's website. How do give yourself a boost in the workplace. Easy ways to impress your colleagues and your boss. First pick up space. It may sound odd but researchers say an expansive pose can increase your feelings of power. I'd be a little careful there. Yeah. Excuse me. You put your legs across, that's what they said. Next it's okay to look a little out of place with what you wear. It could signal self-confidence and you've heard -- I guess that works with me right now. You feel out of place? Great. L. Maintaining eye contact is important. But this research is just, you should choose when to do so. When you're giving someone that -- the look. Yeah. But it is true. When we're outside, people just want you to look them in the eye. That's it. I agree. You lose them when you don't. I agree. Good stuff there. Up next some dirty little secrets about the gym. How you could be picking up and spreads germs without knowing it according to New York university. Some examples are revealed. Be careful not to wipe your face or hands on the dirty side of a towel? Really? Thank you. I would have done ha. I guess the point was even if it came out clean from the laundry, once it's put on any surface it would be dirty. No longer sanitary. Two, don't touch the bottom of your shoes when you stretch. Also makes a lot of sense. Things your mom taught you confirmed by nyu. Also our clothe, finally in the lockers, turns out they may not be as clean as you think. Better putting off your gear in a disposable shopping bag. All great advice. I'm glad science -- I like how you confirmed what our mother told us all along. We have a new survey. A big question this morning. What does where you live say about your mood? Well, this new study revealing that New York City is, in fact, the unhappiest city in America. What? What? Experts used data from a center for disease control life satisfaction survey to come one the results and did not give specific reasons but things like the weather and our living situation can affect your happiness. But it's really good news this study if you live in Louisiana, the five happiest cities are all in that state, Lafayette, snagging the number one spot, robin already knew that. Thanks very much. I went to college there, of course, Mississippi gulf coast, a stone's throw away. Sally-ann lived in New Orleans for many years and we're fat and happy. Oh, yes. The sun is always shaping. But, no, it's the food, it's the people. It's our faith. It's just a wonderful, wonderful place to live. Yeah. I think I need to go research that. I'm in.

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{"id":24675427,"title":"How to Get a Boost at the Workplace","duration":"2:47","description":"Time Magazine has the tips on how to appear more powerful.","url":"/GMA/video/heat-index-boost-workplace-24675427","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}