At Least 8 Dead in Blistering Heat Wave

Nearly half the country is under heat advisories in the worst heat wave of 2013.
3:37 | 07/19/13

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Transcript for At Least 8 Dead in Blistering Heat Wave
22 states right now are under heat watches and warnings on what could be the hottest day of the year. And that's today. Our entire extreme team is covering this. Let's start with sam champion in central park right now, with the very latest. Good morning, sam. Good morning, elizabeth. Good morning, josh. Day six of this heat wave. It does stretch all the way from coast-to-coast. But there's one part of the country that's getting the worst hit of it. There's about 438 miles from washington, d.C. To boston that has excessive heat warnings out today. That's the highest warning the national weather service will put out for hot air. It feels like 89 in new york. Boston, it feels like 89 degrees. Now, that is your average high temperature for summer, right beside it in the green. The areas that were 82 to 84 degrees. That lets you know this is not normal summertime heat. And look at the heat index forecasts. 107 in new york. 102 in boston. The real temperature in boston will be 100 degrees today. It has never been warmer than 104. This is serious heat. And our ginger zee is in baltimore this morning with more on the story. Good morning, ginger. Hey, there, sam. Certainly soupy conditions here in baltimore. The temperature right in the low 80s. WE'RE HEADED INTO THE 90s AGAIN. But it's not the air temperature they're concerned about, here at amtrak. It's the internal rail temperature. When that goes above 120 degrees, they have to slow the trains down. Much of the nation, now, slowing down, thanks to all this july heat. The scorching heat of july, now deadly. The death toll, at least eight with heat advisories across half the nation. In phoenix, 150 passengers onboard this allegiant air flight were left stranded at the gate for 2 1/2 hours and no air conditioning and temperatures reaching 100 degrees. It's almost like a hostage situation. We felt helpless. Reporter: During the ordeal, passengers were told to stay in their seats. It was probably like 100 degrees. That's like being in a hot car. Reporter: The company says the cause was a maintenance issue. Adding they experience more mechanical problems when planes are exposed to extreme heat. In california, a boy and dog were found locked alone in this sweltering car. They both made it out alive. It was hot. Reporter: Extensive power outages from baltimore to the bronx. And on staten island, more than 3,000 homes and businesses now without power, as the temperature there rises close to 100 degrees. Even at night, new yorkers are seeing little relief, with temperatures holding strong in THE 90s. It's so hot, amtrak has issued mandatory speed restrictions between boston and washington, for fear the tracks may flex and buckle in the heat. Now, average delays because of the heat are only about 20 minutes. But still, you want to plan 20 minutes or so. But the heat, about to break. Right, sam? Hey, ginger. You're not going to get any relief running over to the water there at the river, either, in baltimore. There's very little relief from this. But when does this break? We'll begin to show you. Let's show you the graphic on how this cold front starts dropping for the country. The cool relief drops in from the great lakes. Gets to chicago by the time we see that number, 78 on sunday. New york city will take just about the same amount of time. And this is coming with a break of strong thunderstorms. It's probably friday-ish, more towards the great lakes, into the mid-atlantic. It takes until sunday to get that cooler air in and the storms are more on saturday. It does not, however, give much relief to the rest of the country.

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{"id":19709829,"title":"At Least 8 Dead in Blistering Heat Wave","duration":"3:37","description":"Nearly half the country is under heat advisories in the worst heat wave of 2013.","url":"/GMA/video/heat-wave-2013-dead-blistering-heat-wave-19709829","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}