Woman's Amazing Weight Loss Inspired by Her Son

Trainer Chris Powell congratulates mother who's now taking in triathlon.
3:00 | 10/05/12

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Transcript for Woman's Amazing Weight Loss Inspired by Her Son
You have no idea. First, a guy -- it's been a great series all week long. Very inspiring. It's "erase the weight." About people who have overcome tremendous odds to drop over 100 pounds. Personal tragedy one of the reasons that heather wager dropped the pounds. It took something special for her young son to turn her life all the way around. Take a look. At 22, heather wager was a college graduate with the world at her feet, until tragedy struck. At only 48, her mom was diagnosed with a.L.S., Lou gehrig's disease. Heather went home for a visit. And it turned into three years of round-the-clock care. It's hard to watch somebody you love deteriorate. Especially when you know there's no chance for her. I used food and alcohol to cope with what was going on with her because it just -- I didn't have a lot of joy in my life. Reporter: After her mother died, heather tried to substitute her deep pain with food. Five years later, I woke up. I was over 300 pounds. And I didn't really know how i had gottthere. Reporter: Heather's life was a mess. But she found herself unable to make a change until the night she saw her pain reflected in the eyes of her then-3-year-old son, griffin. That moment, I realized i needed to change my life for him. Reporter: It wasn't an easy road. She wasn't ready to face it alone. So, she and a co-worker made a friendly bet, to see who would lose 40 pounds first. They challenged each other and signed up for what would be heather's first triathlon. I saw griffin sitting there. He was so proud of me. He gave me a high-five when i crossed the finish line. Reporter: Remember that 315-pound woman? After five years of eating well, triathlons and sheer determination, she lost a remarkable 157 pounds, all through her own hard work. And the love she shares with her now-8-year-old son, not just the love with each other. But the healthy life they've made together. When I look back at the past five years, it's amazing what I've accomplished. Small changes become big changes. We want to congratulate heather. She's leaving tomorrow to compete in the kona ironman triathlon. Joining us is chris powell from "extreme makeover: Weight loss edition" and author of "choose to lose." And we were talking about the swimming. What a great exercise for the people trying to drop big amounts of weight. When we do weight bearing exercise, I have to go running or jogging. It puts so much pressure on the ankles, the knees, the hips. Swimming is phenomenon. And talk about inspirational with heather. She's biking. She's swimming. She's running. She's doing it all. It's awesome. I want to do takeaway. We saw wiltrina earlier this week. A lot of useful tips to take away. What's one of them? The thing I got from her, one of the most powerful transformation tactics she used, is she rallied a whole crew of support around her, using social media. She didn't necessarily have family and friends that were close to her. She said, I'm going to reach out on facebook. She rallied people behind her. When she was going through her t tough times, they kept her going. And we saw edwin yesterday. Who got it done not just the old-fashioned way. But he took the reins himself. He lost over 100 pounds. That was crazy. The thing I appreciate about what edwin did, he used something like lifestyle layers. He took cheat days, which we have to have to satisfy the emotional need, and laced them throughout his week. The different cheat days. I don't feel deprived. That's one thing that so many people when they embark along the weight loss journey. I didn't restrict myself. He laced cheat days throughout the week, just to keep him going. You're like santa claus. Always bringing gifts. Thank you very much.

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{"id":17404322,"title":"Woman's Amazing Weight Loss Inspired by Her Son","duration":"3:00","description":"Trainer Chris Powell congratulates mother who's now taking in triathlon. ","url":"/GMA/video/heather-wajers-amazing-weight-loss-inspired-son-17404322","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}