Hebrew National Offers Hotdog Recipes for Every NFL Team

Sara Haines reports the latest stories in the Pop News Heat Index.
3:21 | 09/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hebrew National Offers Hotdog Recipes for Every NFL Team
Test Text1 underline It's a time for "Pop news." We decorated the set like we're doing a segment on vegetarianism. Ron Claiborne wants us to start with the food. NFL season is upon us. Hebrew national has created 32 custom hot dogs inspired by every team the league. We have all of them. I have the giants dog, made with a bagel bun and mustard. Dan with the Green Bay packers dog. Paula, you have the one for the Cleveland browns, barbecue sauce, coleslaw, and French fries. Ron has the Seattle dog. The seadog. That's one bite. Cream cheese and red onion. Rob is for the Oakland raiders with fried onions, mushrooms, and avocado. Don't forget to tune into "Monday night football." Tomorrow night, starting at 6:30 on ESPN. And for Kelly Clarkson, while you stuff your faces on national TV. Kelly Clarkson, have baby, will travel. She tweeted out this picture of her 2-month-old daughter, river rose. Notice the blinged out headphones to protect river's delicate ears. Clarkson wasn't content so sit in the audience. She jumped on stage and joined Yearwood for their newly release release released duet. You keep eating. I have good once here. Fans of the megapopular boy band one direction will soon be heading in one direction, to the movie theaters. Including rob. ? the group's concert film, where we are, is being shown for one weekend in October, rob, so get ready. According to this just released extended trailer, it's promising exclusive backstage access. The entire concert, and the interviews. I thought rob was more into the wanted than one direction. Get it straight, Dan. I'm a one direction. Are you going to be in compa company? Finally, a celebratory reason. Eat that hot dog. Weekend "Gma" is celebrating a big milestone this month. Ten years of bringing Yo iing you our special brand of news. One thing or one person can focus on "Pop news" right now has remained the same. Ron Claiborne was here from the beginning to bring you all the news headlines. Has he changed at all over the years? Hold on a second. Probably should have warned him he had a feature coming up. Ron, you look the same. The hairline, right? I think that's the same suit. We have had a lot of great people on the show, bianna golodryga, bill weir, Kate snow. But this group is truly special. Yesterday, we took shots on our first day together. Jell. O. This is the shot that was taken. One sane person in the picture.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"Sara Haines reports the latest stories in the Pop News Heat Index.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25326040","title":"Hebrew National Offers Hotdog Recipes for Every NFL Team","url":"/GMA/video/hebrew-national-offers-hotdog-recipes-nfl-team-25326040"}