Heidi Klum on Hurricane Sandy, Going 'Gangnam Style'

"Project Runway" host reveals details from her legendary haunted-holiday party.
4:05 | 12/03/12

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Transcript for Heidi Klum on Hurricane Sandy, Going 'Gangnam Style'
Thanks so much, sam. Now, to our very special guest heidi klum. She's the host of the hit show "project runway" and it was a big weekend for heidi who celebrated her famous haunted halloween party and she was forced to postpone it because of sandy. She's here with us. Good morning. Hello. I'm marveling over those shoes which lara needs your help. They're not easy to walk in. I always literally try to take it to a new level. You did in this case. In the past years, you've dressed up as an ape, a crow, a hindu goddess and cleopatra this year. I did one in new york, a monkey, I also did it in las vegas I was the invisible woman. Basically you'd see when you take the skin off how the body looks underneath with the veins. You have the photo. This year, I wanted to be pretty. I thought I was ugly last year. This year, I want to be pretty. Sparkles all over the face. The costume weighed 60 pounds. Look at your face. Yeah. The crystals all over. How long did that take you? The very famous makeup artist, he does movies and special effects, he basically builds a few different patches that you can glue on the face. He literally single-handed put these on there. The dress was easy. You know, my team prepared before. They're so great. What does your kids think of this costume? They think I'm a little wild. Just a little. The monkey, they couldn't really see my face in there. The body, the invisible body might have been scary for the little ones. Yeah, but they thought it was funny. This one you did in partnership with the american red cross and aol and with patch all to benefit the victims of hurricane sandy? Yes, because it happened, you know, on the day of halloween or the night before. So then I thought, now, I'm going to want to do this party and have something great come out of this, I partnered with aol, the red cross, patch. And really make phone calls and have $200,000 worth of goods that they need. The red cross is so amazing. First response, something happens, they really take care of the people. And it was great. Yesterday, I went to lindenhurst and another small town outside of new york city. And people are so appreciative of everything you can give. There's so much need there, even now. It's really hard. And some of the stories that i heard there. There's one family that has five children. They don't have a home anymore. When you hear that, it's really touching. So anyone who can do anything, they still need things now, even though it's so many weeks after. People still need things. As a mom of four, you can amplify with that? Of course. Everyone has a, their toys. Christmas is coming up and now they're sleeping on a friend's couch and all huddled together. It's a hard time. It's so great that you did that to benefit the victims. You had a very busy two days. You were hosting mtv music awards. I have to show a clip of this video you that did. Now, we know you're a supermodel, a fantastic mom. But you're also gangnam style! Yeah. He's very serious, psy, I like him a lot. I got there, he's like did you rehearse this? You have to do this the right way. And I was a little worried. And I'm like, I'm going to try everything. I give 200%. He warmed up to me because he knew I was taking it serious. I was not just going to do it in a silly way. I think you look fantastic. He's so great. I love him. I loved doing that. It was fun. It looks like a lot of fun. You did definitely give 200%, not only to that, but to the victims of hurricane sandy. Thanks. And for your benefit. That was great. And we loved the costume. Coming up, think that glass

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{"id":17867477,"title":"Heidi Klum on Hurricane Sandy, Going 'Gangnam Style'","duration":"4:05","description":"\"Project Runway\" host reveals details from her legendary haunted-holiday party.","url":"/GMA/video/heidi-klum-gangnam-style-halloween-party-discussed-gma-17867477","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}