Heidi Klum Unveils New Kids Clothing Line on 'GMA'

Former model discusses the success of her fashion empire, moving on after divorce.
3:00 | 09/14/12

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Transcript for Heidi Klum Unveils New Kids Clothing Line on 'GMA'
I love it. Heidi klum's been out all week long, talking about the end of her marriage to seal. But that hasn't slowed the growth of her fashion empire. And amy robach sat down with heidi for a first look at her new line of kids clothes. You're an expert when it comes to fashion. You're a mom, and a businesswoman. Now, a designer for children. Why did you decide to start the truly scrumptious line. It's out of all of the projects I've done in the past, I have four children of my own. And designing for them, for my children and everyone who likes truly scrumptious, for me is the most exciting. If momny designed it, they have to wear it. Do they have their individual fashion tastes, your four children? They do. My son, henry, for example, he wears very strange combinations. And then, he wants a mohawk. And I do tend to say, go ahead. This is your time right now. And speaking of your children, you said protecting them is your highest priority. I think for every mom, it is. And you have gone through difficult days. There's been recent headlines seal. How have you been able to shield them from that? And how have you been holding up? I guess it's difficult. Thankfully, they're still very young. And it's so hard to go through a divorce if you are in the public eye or not. And you know, unfortunately, we are in the public eye. You know, there's rumors and things that get printed about you all the time. And it's difficult. You know, it's hard for us. It's very emotional for us. So, I'm trying to keep my kids away from it as much as possible. Keeping them close. And well-dressed, of course, right? I try. Let's -- I know. Let's get to the clothes. Truly scrumptious. We have megan who is in beautiful purple. Look at megan go. Yay. High-five. Tell us about megan's outfit. I have to say, my daughter, who is 8 years old, she's very, very upset that it only goes to 5. Whatever this dress is actually one of her favorite dresses. And she squeezes herself into it because she loves the sparkles. Megan, we loved your outfit. We have alex here. And he has an adorable outfit for little boys. Tell us what alex is wearing. He's wearing really cute jeans that have the suspenders attached to him. And a fun, bright red shirt with accents. You know, different prints i think is important. I really tried to think of mom and child. You know, that it is comfortable. That it's washable. And all my pieces are mix and match. You don't have to think so much anymore. Like everything in the line, you know, works. You can interchange everything. And the great thing is -- one of the hardest things to stand on the orange circle. That would not have worked with my kids, either. Stand on the dat. She would have been, yeah, right. Trying to keep his pants up through all of the hopping. There's nowhere to go, alex. We want to bring out masa. A beautiful pink and gray outfit. Tell us what she is wearing. I do love the little jacket. All my pieces, by the way, under $40. Love the boots and the air accessories, as well. This flower is not mine. I wish I could say it was. It's cute. Thank you, tessa. Now, we're going to bring nolan out. How old are you? 5. Look. He looks very dapper. Very handsome. I was thinking, what do my kids like. You are also very good at modeling. My kids are really into monsters. Show the monster on the back. Oh, a monster. I love what's on his jeans, What's easy about this? Do I get a thumbs up on this jacket? A big thumbs up. Bring everybody out. We can see them one more time. I have a monsters on the jean. Look at that. So cute. Alex, you can come back on out. We should tell everybody that truly scrumptious is available at babies "r" us, beginning SEPTEMBER 15th. Thank you. Guys, thanks for playing.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Former model discusses the success of her fashion empire, moving on after divorce.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17234931","title":"Heidi Klum Unveils New Kids Clothing Line on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/heidi-klum-interview-2012-model-seal-divorce-kids-17234931"}