Helen Gurley Brown, Fashion Icon, Dead at 90

Legendary editor of Cosmopolitan magazine inspired millions of women across globe.
3:00 | 08/14/12

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Transcript for Helen Gurley Brown, Fashion Icon, Dead at 90
Helen gurley brown. The editor of "cosmopolitan" magazine. Brown inspired millions to dream differently. And abc's sharon alfonsi has her story. Reporter: Long before "sex and the city's" carrie bradshaw, helen gurley brown wrote "sex for the single girl." Single girls weren't supposed to have a sex life. That wasn't the case, of course. They always have and always will. Reporter: Three years later, that philosophy and brown took over "cosmo" mazine. She is quoted as saying, good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go everywhere else. And credited with separating more young women from their virginity than anyone else in the world. Sex is one of the three best things there are. I'm unaware of the other two. Reporter: As the grand dame for "cosmo" for three decades, she talked about how to draw men and have good sex. Put on some records, dance naked for a couple of hours. What is so outrageous about that? Helen, they're going to send you to the funny farm. Reporter: I think helen's message was, live the life you want. Make the choices you want. Don't let other people choose for you. That, if part of the choice is you want babies and a husband and maybe want to take time off from your work, that's fine. Rter: And even after brown was ousted as editor in chief, colleagues say she would come into her pink corner office almost every day. 90 years old, and still every bit the "cosmo" girl. For "good morning america," aaron a sharyn alfonsi, abc news. She was married for 51 years. She treated her husband like a geisha. I love that. And an industry titan. Absolute titan in the publishing industry.

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{"id":17000357,"title":"Helen Gurley Brown, Fashion Icon, Dead at 90","duration":"3:00","description":"Legendary editor of Cosmopolitan magazine inspired millions of women across globe.","url":"/GMA/video/helen-gurley-brown-fashion-icon-cosmopolitan-editor-dead-17000357","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}