Helen Mirren Sheds Light on Her New Role in 'The Hundred Foot Journey'

Mirren discusses aspects about the new film, such as character personality and cooking scenes.
4:31 | 08/04/14

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Transcript for Helen Mirren Sheds Light on Her New Role in 'The Hundred Foot Journey'
I'm inside with Helen mirren. Her new film, she plays mad dam Mallo Mallory who's work if her life. Take a look. Last night we served this. Miserable, overcooked asparagus. In this restaurant, the cuisine is not an old, tired marriage, it's a pages that the affair of the heart. I love saying dame. That must have been a wonderful moment. It's a family moment. There are all people on all different levels. Dame and sir at the top. Everyone coming with their families and kids, and everyone is so proud and well-dressed. It's very moving. I cried throughout the whole thing. Your character, snooty, prickly, particular -- British, really. But you still took the role. There is a particular kind of frenchness, and I'm a huge francophile. I hope I'm not insulting the French. There is a pride of everything French, the cuisine, the language, the literature, the history. They're enormously proud of being French. There is in fact an organization that exists simply to protect the frenchness of the French. And you moved to France as a young actress thinking that's where you're going to make your career? Yes, I wasn't so young. Probably in my latish 20s. Yes, I wanted to be a French actress. I had a dream of being a French actress, the sort of actresses seem to have -- I felt that I fitted better in that type of actress than I did at that time in sort of the western, American, british sort of idea of the world. They have another idea for you, didn't they? They did. The world yanked me. Sometimes you can't make decisions. Life sort of grabs you by the neck and pulls you somewhere else. This movie is also in love with food. Are you a chef? You know, I'm very, very good at certain things. I make absolutely brilliant mar mite on toast. That's good. I do a fabulous tomatoes on toast. My cheese on toast is famous in the world. You have a real range. I'm not a great chef, no. I do a very good roast chicken for a very good reason. But -- but apart from that, I can't really cook anything. And I love the idea of the film, of the clashing, crossing and sharing between cultures. Yes, what an incredible thing food is in our culture. I advise anyone who goes to see this movie, it's a great date movie. Make an -- a reservation at a restaurant to go to straight after the movie because you will be starving. You will. And you will fall in love because it's -- it's the most wonderfully sweet, romantic movie and makes you starvingly hungry. Find an indian-french restaurants. Yes. And coming back to Broadway, playing queen Elizabeth again. I am. I did it in London and it was very successful. And they've asked us to do it here. So we're going to have a go. She's such a fascinating character. As a britt, growing up in England, do you understand why we're so fascinating with her and the royal family? Of course I do. We all share the same fascinati fascination. Monarchy, because it's behind this red velvet curtain that none of us can really penetrate. Nowadays with social media, it's out there, but in fact that's one area that's sort of still unknown. Ask the fact that this incredible continuity of this woman for, you know, how -- 60, 70 years it's been. It's been extraordinary. I'm very proud to have been a part of the second Eliz bethan age. It's a pleasure to watch. Dame Helen mirren. The hundred foot journey is in

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{"id":24831558,"title":"Helen Mirren Sheds Light on Her New Role in 'The Hundred Foot Journey'","duration":"4:31","description":"Mirren discusses aspects about the new film, such as character personality and cooking scenes.","url":"/GMA/video/helen-mirren-interview-2014-actress-sheds-light-details-24831558","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}