'The Help' Looks to Win Big at Academy Awards

Oscar nominees Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer discuss excitement of awards season.
5:48 | 02/06/12

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Transcript for 'The Help' Looks to Win Big at Academy Awards
We're counting down to would be Academy Awards on Oscar Sunday and -- help is up for four awards including best actress and best supporting actress. And ABC's Deborah Roberts had a lucky task of sitting down with the cast. -- serves up a wrenching slice of life in 1960s Mississippi. A time when black maids clean the homes of white women -- raised their children. But would never treated his real human being. Yeah. Viola Davis stars as the long suffering a -- the -- impact and extremely fetal life could be me. And just last -- -- -- Screen Actors Guild award for best actor. That's what is there but a dream you can't trade in your dream -- -- the dream and I know you love Merrill street but it had to be great to hear your name instead of us. It was pretty good. I. It would have been great hearing her name though two bit as grim here in my name and you -- so genuinely shocked at that moment I'm still. That little you know. Black girl from central falls Rhode Island with a short Afro. -- my sneakers who Salvation Army you know going to school. And just dreaming big never really really believing that. I was gonna see those dreams to fruition. And then all of a sudden -- Baylor and then people kinda think you look Q. You know and and -- -- beyond you -- political -- -- is never followed me -- -- -- the bit about flat feet behind him. -- Octavia Spencer has claimed several awards including a -- for best supporting actress for her role as the quick tempered mini. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- taught me. That it's not about whether the glass is half empty or the glass is half full is that you -- -- glass we're that you're given a class. It's all new to this budding star who won't forget a painful lesson learned recently on the -- red carpet. Three -- -- speaks. Passive. I decided to overcompensate. Overloaded at the globes and I thought of hair at the island is -- And Cooper three I right after that I have level never do it again I'm -- -- you can do three there it was a cautionary tale kept popping up. -- Octavia has -- to theme alongside her former roommate and longtime -- Tate Taylor. -- rector of the health it was his first shot at a big studio movie. We accomplish this think we knew we had something. Special. And that feeling for me it was just it's been hard to top that but to watch my best friend and roommate. Who we've argued with over who think the last bullet -- and that's -- -- ahead. He -- last moments you know. You know written seventeen year over my successes and -- -- -- special show of hands how many of you really couldn't. Invasion. The idea Oscar talk. Two years ago. I don't think any of us could imagine that we be sitting here today DreamWorks -- Stacy Snyder went to great lengths to turn the best selling book into looked down. At the very end and then when -- -- gives her last. You know soliloquy the mine alive. You could hear a pin drop and people work in tears. And I thought to myself wow this is something is happening here. -- -- -- -- -- -- legal have a writer and friend Monday. Our guess is -- -- me. I think that ably represented probably 99.9. Percent. The people who existed in 1963. Which is a person that outwardly went to work did their job. Got along to get along but inside for all things burning dreams and hopes that this hires and stream it but just know kind of avenue. Or permission. Was given for them to explore that. I have to tell you the most of wrenching scene for me. Was the bridge -- since. And had nothing this week. -- disease couldn't get the that requires everyone found to have a separate action for the current account I did that for two weeks it was very difficult I'll go home man. And I that -- didn't yet another -- -- -- And lemon pie. And call Octavia. Have you made space when Oscar. No I would never be that presumptuous there are brilliant performances in that category so it can go either way I mean I'm in the -- of wolves Meryl Streep. You know. Rooney Mara Michelle Williams. Glenn Close I can't even. For in my mind -- it could go there on the 46 year old woman had been doing this for 23 years. I've had a lot of help along the way I can't even Begin to. Wrap my mind around -- why should thank. And -- what I I have to pay homage to. I mean the list this whole long it would be. How do you -- minute. He's right -- -- -- down and you read him off real emphasis. On real bad yeah. Fingers crossed for both of them the sag awards are of course a big predictor which may bode very well for Octavia. And by -- Elizabeth -- for -- Taylor. Of course he was shut out but he it's his first major motion pictures so in some ways he's already won what a great pictured is not a great group Deborah brings you so much and we'll find out who takes -- he had any -- on -- Sunday. February 26 at 7 PM eastern right here on ABC.

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{"id":15521446,"title":"'The Help' Looks to Win Big at Academy Awards","duration":"5:48","description":"Oscar nominees Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer discuss excitement of awards season.","url":"/GMA/video/help-oscar-nominees-win-big-academy-awards-15521446","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}