Henryville Indiana Reacts to Massive Tornado

Everyone survives at local high school after tornado rips roof off the building.
3:11 | 03/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Henryville Indiana Reacts to Massive Tornado
So incredibly sad we've been showing you this picture all morning that high school in Henry -- Indiana hit by a massive twister the roof. Ripped right off with students inside and then the restaurant right across the street. Basically tailed -- a school bus somehow everybody got out alive from both buildings now we hear from two people. Who were right there when it all happened they are Todd and Julie money and they join us live now from Henry -- Indiana. Todd and Julie good morning to both of you. Brown that high school -- -- you went outside and took a look at the tornado as it was coming in. Tell us what you son. Well it was multiple board Texas and there were some people stay in and outside that out of school. And we -- Warner -- vortex hit off to the north or bodily and it dissipated. And then another white -- -- sucked up in a cloud and the people were still stand outside the hospital may be Nader can. And I yelled at him you know tornado tornado. And fortunately they run -- and as soon as it got too close for comfort. We ran into the basement. And Julie -- understand both of -- were in the basement together here as we just said what did it sound like as that tornado. Barreled overhead. I'm our ears pressurized talks I think that blocked the sound. We did hear the bus slammed the building we had no idea what that was until we came out. I'm very loud popping and cracking. Week we thought the building was gone. And telling you when you finally emerged what did you see. I'll just. Aren't real. Damage through just. It's just hard -- -- what. These things can do to structures and treason. And vehicle's. Just go on unbelievable. -- where there -- moments where you decide perhaps you might not make it. -- yes yes I'm. I definitely thought that -- We lost our -- our friend lost his restaurant my brother lost his home -- nothing can replace those lives. I have I knew where there -- -- where they're where they're Dicey moments where you had some doubt about whether you're going to be able to make it through this thing. Yes there was because. Fortunately it did mr. restaurant -- may be I'm guessing. 150 feet but if -- would -- come forward restaurant I think it would have sucked us all out -- basement. Well we're just so pleased that both -- you made it through we were really grateful to both of you for taking the time to speak to us this morning and it's -- and stealing money from Henry -- Indiana once again we're. Really please the both -- you made it through this alive thank you.

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{"id":15839680,"title":"Henryville Indiana Reacts to Massive Tornado","duration":"3:11","description":"Everyone survives at local high school after tornado rips roof off the building.","url":"/GMA/video/henryville-indiana-reacts-massive-tornado-storm-systems-2012-high-school-roof-us-15839680","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}