Statement Anticipated From Cain Accuser

Cain defenders invoke Clarence Thomas, 'high-tech lynching,' in new ad.
2:57 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for Statement Anticipated From Cain Accuser
Fast moving developments surrounding Republican front runner Herman Cain this morning there are new details surfacing about his alleged advances on women who work for him. The National Restaurant Association and one woman could be ready to tell her side of the story as early as today. Our chief investigative correspondent Brian -- Ross is in DC and has the latest in office good morning Brian. Well good morning Robin later today we may get the first word from one of the women who made sexual harassment allegations against -- And agreed to remain silent about it in return for a cash settlements a reported 45000 dollars. Now she wants to issue a written statement to dispute with kaine has said. His strong denials about the allegations during his tenure at the National Restaurant Association. Former employees tell ABC news Cain was a regular on Washington's after work -- often -- young women who worked with him at the restaurant association. Some say it was just -- being personable and gregarious. But Thursday -- was pressed about new accounts that he asked one young female employee to return to his corporate apartment with him. Do you even have a corporate apartment I had an apartment near the airport because without trouble so much that's true Sean. This is absolutely fabrication. -- And -- told Sean Hannity he never even made flattering remarks to the woman's. I didn't make -- have a complement I didn't say that she -- pot or. Whatever this sort of thing I know I didn't do that -- stuff. As ABC news has reported two of the women who received settlements from the restaurant association are well known in government circles. -- in her fifties now -- and a spokesperson for a federal agency in Washington. The other now in her forty single registered as a lobbyist in New Jersey. Both are said to fear the consequences. Of going public -- -- -- good reason for them to be afraid. Ricki Seidman is a political operative who persuaded Anita Hill to go public. During the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. She sees parallels with how the women who accused -- are now being treated. They've been called. All kinds of names already by people who who. No idea who they are is that just par for the course in a political campaign. -- -- And the -- campaign. Is already trying to turn the tables with a new commercial that -- the allegations as fabrications from rivals and the liberal media. With -- comparisons to Clarence Thomas business circles on national disgrace. There's a high tech lynching. For uppity blacks. Who in any way deign to think for themselves. In another part of their defense by going on the offense king's new team of crisis managers say. They are considering all the options including possible lawsuits. Against political who first reported the story and other reporters who are following up on it now.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Cain defenders invoke Clarence Thomas, 'high-tech lynching,' in new ad.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14879662","title":"Statement Anticipated From Cain Accuser","url":"/GMA/video/herman-cain-accuser-issue-statement-sexual-harasment-allegations-14879662"}