Will Herman Cain End His White House Bid?

Pizza titan to announce his plans today, after having a sit down with his wife.
5:37 | 12/03/11

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Transcript for Will Herman Cain End His White House Bid?
Race for the White House your voice your vote. Herman -- is home this morning seeing his -- face to face for the first time since allegations of a thirteen year long affair surfaced earlier this week. He is set to make a major announcement today and the big question of the morning it will drop out of their -- ABC's David Curley is on -- watch this morning -- David that must have been an intense meeting with his wife. Can you imagine what happened inside the house of walls could speak I guess you know he calls himself the CEO itself. Is he about the fire himself as the -- train. Made its last run we are getting some indications from supporters and some staff members that he may and his campaign no final word. One website is suggesting that mrs. -- wants him out and he has said. That mrs. -- could decide to -- -- the Republican field. By one candidate. Was this South Carolina stop Herman cain's. Campaign appearance thank you thank you thank you he says we'll know later today. I will be making and announcement. But nobody's gonna get me to make that premature. I met mr. -- it has been nothing but bad news for cane for three weeks now I'm not a liar and the allegations by several women of sexual harassment. Stumbling on foreign policy questions yeah. McCain has been pushed to the brink of calling it quits. Because of ginger white's story a thirteen year affair with -- which she details on Good Morning America. When they entered into this inappropriate. Relationship with mr. -- I was single I was not married. Mr. -- has been married to throughout the entire relationship. Iowa is a perfect example of the Cain train. Climbing to the lead 23% in polls but he reeling amid all the allegations and stumbles. Crashing to single digits this week just 8%. I am reassessing. Because of all of this media possible stuff. Why because my wife and family comes first and that consideration is coming in the family's Atlanta home. Haynes first face to face talk -- his wife Gloria since the charge of an affair. Gloria who's appeared rarely on the campaign trail made it clear in a recent interview she will not turn a blind died. I will not be one of those people who will stand up on stage with us laugh. And knowing -- you were wrong I'm not gonna do that he has said. Out loud. My wife is the one who's going to ultimately make this decision logic would say. That that means he's going to drop out of the race that's said. This is a campaign. Hasn't always taken the most logical route. So this morning -- is going to meet with some of his supporters -- that around noon he's supposed to open a new campaign headquarters in Atlanta or will he say. He's out of the race back to you guys were waiting to hear. All right David thank you and we're joined now by Republican commentator Margaret Hoover Margaret great to have you on the on her husband John Allen on the floor but it's great to have you here for the first time. Okay the big question this morning is -- now it's hard to see how he stays then of course. As we mentioned he is very stubborn he's -- 86 in the course but the question is wasn't really strong viability for his presidency his candidacy in the first place. Only one civilian has ever sent into the presidency and a history of America without having -- elected. To office previously he had been a cabinet secretary for eight years it was Herbert Hoover in 1929. So. Look at the his -- His presidency -- a -- on the books anyway. He doesn't have the numbers he doesn't -- his campaign dollars are dwindling the fundraising -- dried up 1000 have the infrastructure in place so it's hard to see. How he continues much past this anyway but. Herman Cain has shown that he is he's dogged and he's aliens and he's there and he had to keep his eye and a price he even went back to -- in later that. New Hampshire -- editorial board that he had done so poorly with the last time so. -- remains to be seen but my guess says that he is he's probably not gonna make -- first of half the first habitat so let's assume that he -- out his stands to benefit is Newt Gingrich absolutely looking wretch up what has galvanized the conservative base is this talk about spending this talk about reforming the tax code. This talk about getting the economy back on track and that's Herman -- starring and frankly this is by Newt Gingrich has been on the rise to. Nobody by the way has -- Mitt Romney hasn't gotten past his 25% ceiling so it's. Who is the next not Mitt Romney and I wanted to discuss -- Romney because he's -- may pretty steady at 25% but it does seem to be this five that anybody but Mitt Romney among some Republicans. Why is that hit the conservative base feels that he has been unprincipled in his policy making in his leadership. Throughout the course of his political career and and they -- -- feel like at the end of the day. Who isn't really the true conservative and they think it's not -- -- they think Gingrich has been there for them. Threat to his entire political career and quickly if you were to guess -- at the administration wants to see her pop the president -- again I think evidence on the boxes that they -- -- our run against. Newt Gingrich they don't want to run against Mitt Romney and the classic play is that they're running attack ads against Mitt Romney now to weaken him in the primary. So that they don't have to face and that talent. At -- in the final round and I think what you see as. Mitt Romney is the -- that they just -- my right -- -- all eyes today. For that matter will be on -- and we Chelsea thank you so much better I appreciate it coming and have him later we have more time to talk. And be sure to join Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos will be out in Iowa a week from tonight for a -- couple can debate. All the contenders will be coming together Saturday December 10 at 9 eastern 6 Pacific here on ABC. Just three weeks before the voting begins.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"Pizza titan to announce his plans today, after having a sit down with his wife. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15078679","title":"Will Herman Cain End His White House Bid?","url":"/GMA/video/herman-cain-end-white-house-bid-15078679"}