Is Cain's Strategy Working?

Republican strategist explains if Herman Cain can weather current allegations.
3:00 | 11/09/11

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Transcript for Is Cain's Strategy Working?
-- strategist Mary -- assessing Herman -- damage control thanks for joining us this morning Mary and I know you believe that Herman Cain gave a powerful. A press conference yesterday -- enough to put this to rest. Bibby stays unequivocal -- stays says nine defensive about it but he needs to quit being an operative he needs to quit. Casting blame and describing motives to opponents than -- Democrats -- Republicans but his denial I that was powerful and be believable and and we need to get out of public health of -- transport yourself to kitchen table and central Iowa. And you're looking at a life where the cost of everything is gone out the value of everything is gone down no fault of your own what's happening to my country -- The candidacy of this guy who's not a pretzel politician epitomizes everything about America. And then you start discounting in the way voters do not. Hundreds do which -- the media is sensationalist or Andorra I think you're probably right to do that people would would rather have the campaign focus on other things this is front senator right now and Kane was so unequivocal -- -- -- yesterday. -- to believe him you have to believe that all four accusers. Are lying can he hold that line even if they all go public. Well he's been accused of here's the accusations. One has said that she was -- because the figure is palace might buy. One said he she was repulsed because they what they -- there was he had dinner with two of -- and they had to pick up the why there is no advances were made and then we have saying he's really truly repulsive and if it's true but it's. It clearly. Does not fit a pattern of his life. And it doesn't comport with what we know about his life so it isn't it. It's it's a little bit different -- he said she said and people really do. I'm not condone and harassed and I want to get all these ridiculous. Emails but we did go through this period of his grievance industry. -- feminist to form wanna be offended find a way to be offended then there's not a lot of charges other than that one that. He flatly denies. That even cuddled close to being assaulted her -- -- We know there were two we know there were two agreements for you also saw yesterday both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. Come out a little farther than they had before and say that Herman Cain has to address these these are serious run even called them disturbing they seem to try to create some space there. Well. When prompted and I loved what -- set about -- he gave Romney kudos for integrity because engine crediting -- with saying yes harassment and of course assault. It's horrible and that is saying that Herman Cain has the answer to these and he did answer to them I don't think he could've answered it. Any more powerfully now he does need to continue being unequivocal quit being an operative -- to Iowa he is a new spot up today. And keep talking of voters where they're sweet spot is and this is not where their sweet spot is -- he's this. And I don't and I don't think -- a lot of shots OK Mary mountain thanks very much.

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{"id":14912912,"title":"Is Cain's Strategy Working?","duration":"3:00","description":"Republican strategist explains if Herman Cain can weather current allegations.","url":"/GMA/video/herman-cain-strategy-working-14912912","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}