Hero's Homecoming: Navy Officer Reunited With His Family

Officer Ryan Theriot returned home after a nine-month deployment.
3:00 | 04/22/14

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Transcript for Hero's Homecoming: Navy Officer Reunited With His Family
-- has been trying to area as being behind -- -- nine months unemployment. This is our fourth deployment. But this is the first Hawaiian with three -- -- Taking -- pictures every day since he -- In today's best day the last time -- -- Hannah. Clinton got eighteen month old she was eight months old -- wasn't walking Suez and calling sin tax season and have hair fell. His enemy very excited to see the change but our. The -- girls as well. Well we try to stay in every teen and we try to stay as busy as they can. There at my oldest despise say she is attic. Age where she's starting kindergarten and in seeking -- T ball and dance and soccer itself we just tried to stay extremely busy. Just try not to think about them. The days and just experience life as much as because without him. Yes they they -- -- for their father and hasn't has gotten close there and Q homecoming dance for him more. And age it's funny because -- the day every day I had -- with mean they aren't they I want daddy. -- Girls will be girls. Yeah. Very bad ever heard the enemy came out and take care -- Audrey heroes. First time we can. -- -- -- -- -- There's good off the street is that anything you do. Isn't anything -- They've they've gained a -- All of -- had birthdays and having gone. The younger -- they walk and had been brought before I left blogs and talking. -- talking. -- there. I'm very that'd be home I had been a long time come and I've been looking forward to it -- -- Hey it's great feedback. I just like they think you don't bring the family back home. And -- let me. I think cards and packages in the and the other news. And he really means a lot to -- I've got and it made me. Portland and everybody that that.

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{"id":23433081,"title":"Hero's Homecoming: Navy Officer Reunited With His Family","duration":"3:00","description":"Officer Ryan Theriot returned home after a nine-month deployment.","url":"/GMA/video/heros-homecoming-navy-officer-reunited-family-23433081","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}