Look Out for Hidden Danger in Your Home

Check out these precautions you can take to child-proof your home.
2:37 | 03/11/15

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Transcript for Look Out for Hidden Danger in Your Home
"Gma" on the lookout for hidden dangers in your home. You know, more accidents happen at moment than anywhere else and Paula Faris went room by room to reveal how your home may not be as safe for kids as you think. Reporter: Preventing your children from hurting themselves, just the thought alone can be overwhelming. 3.5 million kids went to the er in 2013 for injuries that commonly happen in the home. Safe kids, an organization aiming to prevent injury, teamed up with nationwide insurance to Zhu have a more than a thousand parents about risks around their homes. What they found was startling. Most parents think their homes are safer than most other households when they actually have serious dangers. I think it's a pretty safe home. Reporter: "Gma" on the lookout went to the home of Sandra and raelle, parents to two children. Alongside Kate Carr, we put them through a safety test. You might want to think about taking these off because -- They can open it up. Reporter: The child safety locks on their kitchen cabinets are in place. Great safety lock here. Reporter: Safe kids finding a shocking 5 % of those surveyed with kids ISS 12 and under say cleaning products aren't behind locked doors. Baby's bedroom and the child safety Gates but find a few concerns. While the family has a mesh crib bumper she recommends sticking to none at all. Infaventss under the age of 1 alone on their back and in a crib, a, B, C. Eporter: 50% of parents with kids 12 and under admit to not securing TV and furniture. This is probably my biggest concern. Reporter: Here you see an unsecure flat screen right next to the baby's crib. We have a toddler in the house who could climb up on the drawers to pull the TV -- Reporter: Now the bathroom. One in eight parents admitted to us that they left their child under the age of 5 alone in a bathtub for more than five minutes. Reporter: Experts say kids should never be left alone in the tub no matter the age. We spot a potential threat in the corner of the bathroom. This is a strangulation hazard. So you want to find one of the windups that they have. Reporter: Important lessons to always keep your little one safe. It's difficult to cover everything. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Paula Faris, ABC news, New Jersey. A lot of good tips. Safe kids suggests apps like make safe happen that can help families spot dangers around their home.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"Check out these precautions you can take to child-proof your home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29550332","title":"Look Out for Hidden Danger in Your Home","url":"/GMA/video/hidden-danger-home-29550332"}