High Fashion, Low Cost

Fashionistas go wild for designer clothing lines for discount retailers.
3:09 | 11/19/11

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Transcript for High Fashion, Low Cost
As one of the biggest trends -- high fashion over the past few years high end designers creating lines for discount retailers bargain hunting fashion he says go crazy for them like the government and -- Sony for target. In September will now they're lining up -- Tsotsi at age enhancement ABC's meg Oliver is outside the store. Downtown. Isn't -- meg. -- -- -- -- -- No -- -- -- in front got a good morning to UT ginger these are hardcore shoppers they've been lined up for 24 hours and this is gonna turn and see this beach shopping kind of basically they're gonna let groups of people in according to their color coded wrist bands like this lovely lady had -- here. They get fifteen minutes -- each for Saatchi area to -- their hearts out. Print -- and leather own mind. Never thought he lied to -- collection immediately nationals his dream come true he was dialed strayed from the runway but for a fraction of the cost. Over the for the event -- and -- at least we'll that I won't Minnesota. He even got celebs like -- the nine's Jessica Alba Jennifer Hudson -- Something like this it's so amazing because it. Today every day person. That opportunity to meet some -- -- hockey fans everywhere this line has been highly anticipated we've had. A line up in -- city two days before the lines. -- get their hands on the collection. Ranging from twenty dollars up to 400 it's the dazzle for less than half ago. Versace is just the latest in a string of designers to bring their signature styles of mass retailers. The Sony recently launched a line at target with women's ware dishes even -- The -- so popular demand crash target's website. Each man has -- limited runs with other designers like Victor and roll -- -- -- -- Cleaning designer brands but first class team to a mass retailers like each -- allows it to be available to the pool different I'm. And it can really reinvigorate -- -- and -- new life into its hold the F. Shoppers raced to the rats that ate them flagship store in New York City -- the goodness special preview. Before the close officially go on sale today that -- -- -- -- -- quality and don't find out loud and aid community. And right. And then last week the Versace collection nearly sold out after just 24 hours an agent and shelves that her own look at the line. Iconic first not to let out -- -- little blackjack and other images of both our fat -- -- -- -- -- -- The talent -- Seems like a win win for everyone especially if you want to recreate this -- look at a much lower price. He can't beat the price of Versace dress can easily write you a thousand dollars they are limiting the number of items you can -- you're gonna buy a dress for -- that like that little black -- -- -- an engine jet. Led by two of those that try to prevent them that frenzy that broke out in year.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"Fashionistas go wild for designer clothing lines for discount retailers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14988460","title":"High Fashion, Low Cost","url":"/GMA/video/high-fashion-low-cost-14988460"}