High Movie Ticket, Food Prices: Man Fights Back

Joshua Thompson files lawsuit, claims customers can't handle high prices.
1:32 | 03/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for High Movie Ticket, Food Prices: Man Fights Back
All gotten that sticker shock at the movie's small popcorn and soda throwing some gummy bears for your kids in twenty bucks is gone. Well one moviegoers decided to fight back in ABC's John Burma's -- John Berman tells us how he's doing. Want to scream. You could see Friday the thirteenth at the movies. Would you -- the price they charge per popcorn. Years ago when professor calculated dealers were selling popcorn. He's hungry appreciate mark up and Michigan -- -- -- EP eight dollars for a Coke in a packed hours are 32. And what he paid if you -- -- -- So -- and Joshua Thompson decided to do something about hiring a lawyer. Handled -- true. No not that lawyer from a few good men but a lawyer to file -- class action lawsuits and consumers can handle the prices. In that -- are charging quote. Grossly excessive the price at which the exact -- food and beverage products were sold for less than two miles away. -- -- it used to bring his own snacks until AMC theaters there no outside from the wild. Of course you could try to -- through him like Phil and Claire on modern -- As I've got some tweaks mostly use but not like Kramer on son bill. Yeah yeah. The class action suit -- it might be popular doesn't seem like a winner so for the time being if you keep deciding yeah. -- -- -- He prepared to. -- -- -- For Good Morning America John Berman ABC news New York. And we heard from AM -- overnight and they say they spent a lot of time and effort. To make sure everyone has a great movie going extra at least for -- yeah.

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{"id":15856285,"title":"High Movie Ticket, Food Prices: Man Fights Back","duration":"1:32","description":"Joshua Thompson files lawsuit, claims customers can't handle high prices.","url":"/GMA/video/high-movie-ticket-food-prices-man-fights-back-15856285","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}