High School Football Mascot Becomes Team's Quarterback

John Schriffen follows a story in Kentucky about an unlikely sports hero.
3:00 | 10/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for High School Football Mascot Becomes Team's Quarterback
You know high school the quarterback is generally big man on campus. Not experience I had to. The mascot had not so much but what I'm kidding Kentucky had matters to make an unimaginable. -- And there's hope for you because this kid started the season on the sideline in a completely different uniform. And now he's leading his team to victory means he's John -- and is here with this inspiring story good morning jacket and got to get what I mean this has. Disney movie written all over the last time -- Bauer played organized football was when he was ten years old. But decided to quit after taking a vicious hit hoping to stay close to sports last march she became the mascot for the girls basketball team. -- he dream of one day getting back out on the field as one of the guys. Sixteen year old -- Valerie is the envy of mascots everywhere -- Making the improbable transformation from a clumsy -- To the game winning high school quarterback. All a matter of weeks. Very -- My -- line as the Lego movies that you couldn't write up any better. It all started back on August the 25 when the Paul Laurence Dunbar high school junior suited up in the costume for the first game of the season. As former -- things to do just -- Dance around and -- the crowd pumped up but as a former football player seeing his friends on the field meet wanna be out there to. In the next week he asked the coach if he could play I didn't really know who is the -- I mean Bob -- that I probably wouldn't welcome in the coach Thomas -- was shot and noticed something special in practice he's undersized. But he does have a good our quarterback calls the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bauer got his first chance to plate two weeks ago scoring two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. His -- -- but Trent played so well. He was given the chance to start the next game playing against the rival whose team had beaten him more -- -- decking and -- -- opt out really nervous. In foursquare settled down a little bit. With just seconds on the clock his team needing a touchdown for the win. Our heaved a fifty yard prayer -- the field. Amnesty and -- victory magical comeback in his parents couldn't -- My mom burned down in tears my dad can't call -- Beatty for not playing he says -- I can't -- him Friday. Now unfortunately -- -- lost last night but the quarterback says his days as a mascot or over just yet he has the bulldogs who in this closet. At home and we'll put it back on for basketball -- -- if this does turn into movie. Bauer says he wants -- played by Will Ferrell. That's the Atlanta exactly yeah this is he's a funny guy really is there -- many -- the crunch. Spotting -- that we had asked.

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{"id":17524645,"title":"High School Football Mascot Becomes Team's Quarterback","duration":"3:00","description":"John Schriffen follows a story in Kentucky about an unlikely sports hero.","url":"/GMA/video/high-school-football-mascot-teams-quarterback-17524645","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}