New High-Tech Way to Save Money While You Shop

Must-have shopping apps that bring in the savings with just a click of your cellphone.
2:23 | 04/13/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New High-Tech Way to Save Money While You Shop
Time to Yahoo your day. All the hot new high-tech ways to save money while you shop and just a click away. ABC's Rebecca Jarvis has everything you need to know. The new must have shopping apps. ? Yahoo ? Reporter: Forget coupon clipping, in the age of the smartphone, it's all about cash saving shopping apps. There are a million ways to save money. This is true. The beautiful thing about these apps is they collate not only all the prices from stores into one app but they know what the deals and superbs in coupons happening right now. Reporter: David Pogue is vice president of Yahoo! Tech revealing his three must-have mobile apps you should use daily to save money. Just about knowing which ones to use and when. It is. Reporter: First up retailmenot, an app that helps you make online purchases from home as well as spot online deals before heading to the store. Let's say I want to go to the gap, is there anything on sale? Why, yes, there is. Here's a complete list of all of the coupons and deals and discounts rounded up from all over the web. Reporter: This is every coupon on the internet for the gap. Right now, free shipping on $50. If you have this card, free shipping. This is where you find it all out in one place. You can save so much money. Reporter: Next up, red laser, a barcode scanning app to use in-store. In those stores that say we'll meet any price. I'm going to scan the bar code with my phone. I hold it up to the bar code like that. It tells me exactly what I scanned. There it is. There it is. Local price and the online price is less and I if scroll down here's every book store, every place that's got it and all the different prices. That took about two seconds. Two seconds. Reporter: Finally an app called shyp that simplifies the process from making returns from home. If you bought it from a store and returning here a list of the on up line shops and take a picture of what you're returning, can I return your shoes? For $5 they'll come to your house, pick it up, pack it up and ship it for you. Plus the shipping costs. Reporter: Easy to use free apps that help get you the most bang for your buck. For "Good morning America," Rebecca Jarvis, ABC news, new

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"Must-have shopping apps that bring in the savings with just a click of your cellphone. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30276861","title":"New High-Tech Way to Save Money While You Shop","url":"/GMA/video/high-tech-save-money-shop-30276861"}