Hilarious Mall Promotion Could Be Worst Ad Ever

The "Terrible Mall Commercial" for East Hills in Missouri is trending huge on YouTube.
2:14 | 08/20/14

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Transcript for Hilarious Mall Promotion Could Be Worst Ad Ever
First up in our "Heat index" check out this commercial, our goodmorningamerica.com spotted it now trending huge on youtube overnight. Take a look. ? Sales for back to school ? ? denim haircuts ? Backpacks, backpacks come get your backpacks ? ? boots and pants boots and pants ? ? new shoes quote. ? Get yourself an outfit ? ? denim boots and pants boots and pants ? ? new shoes ? That's an actual commercial. East hills mall and now it's all over the world. Does the guy doing beatbox get royalties on that he's got talent. People don't know if they did it for a purpose, it was campy on purpose. Regardless, it's working. We now know where that mall is. We want to hear from you. What is the funniest commercial of all time? Tweet us with the #socialsquare. Give us your nominations. Where's the beef? What about that bacon strip commercial we were talking about earlier. Bacon, bacon, bacon. I like the little lady, where's the beef? You have ail whole repertoi repertoire. I helped. Shake and bake. Next on our "Heat index" one of the top stories from "The atlantic" coming right at the school year gets under way showing you how to get a leg up in the job market answering a question so many soon-to-be graduates are asking. What do employers want. Researchers offering a surprising answer that internships, volunteer work, extracurriculars may matter more to employers than grades. Yeah. And what school you went to, what classes that you took and all that and depending on the feel, of course, you're going into but that makes perfect sense. Want to see effort and interest. What people are passionate about. Maybe this says something about our career. Nobody has ever asked to see my transcript from college ever. It's all about -- Can we see it now. You don't want to see it. A lot of lers low down in the alphabet. A lot of graduates are like how do you get the work experience? You have to have experience it first. They're getting it in school and internships and volunteer and other things like that are really paying off. Up next in our "Heat index"

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{"id":25050497,"title":"Hilarious Mall Promotion Could Be Worst Ad Ever","duration":"2:14","description":"The \"Terrible Mall Commercial\" for East Hills in Missouri is trending huge on YouTube. ","url":"/GMA/video/hilarious-mall-promotion-worst-ad-25050497","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}