Hillary Clinton On the Global Progress of Women

Robin Roberts sat down with Clinton at Philanthropy New York’s 35th annual meeting.
2:28 | 05/08/14

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton On the Global Progress of Women
Now, to my one-on-one with Hillary Clinton. I had a chance to sit down with the former secretary of state, at the philanthropy of New York's meeting. I got to ask her about the recent developments of the benghazi investigation. Are you satisfied with the answers? And are you content with what you know what happened? Absolutely. Of course, there are a lot of reasons why, despite all of the hearings, all of the information that's been provided, some choose not to be satisfied and choose to continue to move forward. That's their choice. And I do not believe there's any reason for it to continue in this way. But they get to call the shots in the congress. And the question I took straight from the audience, were you to run for president in 2016, would you choose Elizabeth Warren or Julio Castro as a running mate? I've been asked this question many different ways. This is the cleverest. I can only say they're both extraordinary leaders and great political advocates for a lot of what needs to be done in our country. And I admire both of them greatly. When I look at your Twitter page, you, the last thing you list, is saying you're a glass ceiling cracker. And no one feels it would be better to crack that glass ceiling than to have a woman as president. And many believe that should be you. I think we should crack it also. I am 100% in favor of that. But I have nothing further to say about -- We tried, right? While she remained coy about her run for the white house, there was one thing she was eager to talk about. You're going to be a grandma? I am. Chelsea -- congratulations. For my future grandchild, it's not only what I want for him or her. It's what kind of society I want for that child to grow up in to be a citizen in, to contribute to. And that's part of why I do the work that I do.

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{"id":23635346,"title":"Hillary Clinton On the Global Progress of Women","duration":"2:28","description":"Robin Roberts sat down with Clinton at Philanthropy New York’s 35th annual meeting.","url":"/GMA/video/hillary-clinton-global-progress-women-23635346","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}