Hillary Clinton Interview: America's Pacific Power

Jake Tapper talks to the secretary of state on her Pacific Rim visit.
2:27 | 11/18/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hillary Clinton Interview: America's Pacific Power
Secretary of state Hillary Clinton she's traveling the President Obama across the Pacific rim this week and she sat down with -- ABC's Jake Tapper to discuss the diplomatic mission the prime focus is China. And her personal connection to the Penn State's scandal here at home Jake. George good morning so much of this trip has been a high stakes game of international politics with the US seeking. To contain China's power through. Trade deals and a new US military presence in Australia so that's where I started. Is it too late for us to counter that. Power to China has already asserted in this region. You know -- it's not about countering anybody -- power it's about. Asserting. Our own position as a Pacific power. There's they seem to be taking -- -- we're not gonna agree on everything we have disagreements about their political system they have you know questions about our motives. I also asked about the Penn State's scandal in those initial riots on behalf. Football program given Clinton's activism on behalf of children -- personal connection to the school. Well I -- -- you know I am just sick at heart about it. I'm also the daughter. And the sister. Two men who went to Penn State and were on the football team so we have a the long tradition. Supporting. Penn State academically. And athletically. An and I can understand and the passion and emotion of the moment -- before people. Have a chance to. Actually think about what these allegations mean people. And perhaps were not as. Dot com award considered in their response but now it seems across the board everyone is focused on what we should be focused on which -- the children who. Allegedly have been victimized. On a lighter moment there was that photo op over the weekend -- that. What was going through your hand the other day when it. Gentlemen. Without any -- showed up financial and professional paragraph. With Larry -- -- acting. It happened so quickly. When I turned my had to decide this it's very. You know big man with holding a torch with -- blue line clock running by I think he was late for his role at the luau I think that's. What it was.

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{"id":14980990,"title":"Hillary Clinton Interview: America's Pacific Power","duration":"2:27","description":"Jake Tapper talks to the secretary of state on her Pacific Rim visit.","url":"/GMA/video/hillary-clinton-interview-americas-pacific-power-china-penn-state-14980990","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}