Hofstra University Basketball Players Accused of Stealing

John Muller reviews the burglary accusations against campus sports stars.
2:15 | 12/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hofstra University Basketball Players Accused of Stealing
Now, to the star college basketball players accused of abusing their position as big men on campus. They're facing burglary charges for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars of stuff from their fellow students. And abc's john muller is covering the story. John? Reporter: Good morning, dan. Hofstra students say iphones, computers and cash has been disappearing from their dormrooms all semester. One used an app to find their iphone. Now, four players from the division I basketball team are under arrest. Faces, covered in shame. Hiding tears as they leave a long island courthouse. Another man, pushing and even taking swings at a cameraman as he storms out of court. They are the stunned loved ones of four hofstra university basketball players, charged friday with stealing an estimated $20,000 in cash and items from fellow students over the past two months. Police say their favorite targets, high-tech devices, like ipads and iphones. They would be in a dormroom visiting, you know, another student. And then, if there was an unoccupied room within the suite, they would take liberty and remove ipads, laptops. Reporter: Police say the star status as basketball players gave them unique access to students' rooms. They say the stolen goods were sold for cash on craigslist, at pawnshops and even on the street. None of the four players have prior criminal records. But jimmy hall, hofstra's leading scorer, was kicked off his high school team last year for conduct violations. The facts in this case are not what the prosecution wants to believe at this point in time. Reporter: Despite pleading not guilty, court records and handwritten statements show the men all admit to stealing. All have scholarships to hofstra university, whose basketball team is named pride. It's embarrassing to know that's our team. Reporter: All four hoops stars have pleaded not guilty. In a statement, hofstra university says they have been working closely with police. All four students have been suspended from the university and the basketball, pending the outcome of their court case.

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{"id":17854983,"title":"Hofstra University Basketball Players Accused of Stealing","duration":"2:15","description":"John Muller reviews the burglary accusations against campus sports stars.","url":"/GMA/video/hofstra-university-basketball-players-accused-stealing-17854983","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}