Holiday Coffee-Table Books Make Great Gifts

"GMA" takes a look at some of the biggest trends this holiday season.
4:52 | 12/12/12

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Transcript for Holiday Coffee-Table Books Make Great Gifts
We're looking at some of the biggest trends. Books of animals with gorgeous pictures. Entertainment books are popular. And some of the hottest books are tributes to audrey hepburn. We chose our favorites. And we'll get started with george. The first one is this one. This is a gorgeous book. It's called "her majesty." Look at it right here. It's done by rue golden. For the 50th anniversary jubilee for the queen. Look at those blue I audios. It goes back to the beginning of when she became queen. You see her at home. You see chapters on her as a young princess, the royal union. It also includes a royal family tree, dating back to queen victoria and a map of her travels. It's a gorgeous shot. This one is just as incredible. "Compawssion." It's all rescue dogs. It was done to raise money for the brittany foundation, a nonprofit charity to rescuing dogs. My dogs, daisy and charlie. And I think we're going to show betty lou. 17-year-old chihuahua. She was left abandoned as a tiny, little baby. The new owner did not let her be put down. Now, she's 17 years old. That's great. I picked broadway musicals. That's near and dear to my heart. This is from the pages of "the new york times," edited by ben bradlee. He's the chief theater critic. I spent most of my childhood, my aunt and uncle are theater directors. I got to perform in "evita." There's a performance from my high school. My cousin was -- I'm in the cast. I was -- I didn't have a starring role. But I was so happy to be there. They have all these amazing shows from the goldies and the goodies. "Evita." And the new ones, like "the book of mormon." Another thing I chose, was the world's best travel experiences. 400 extraordinary places by national geographic because i made it a point at this stage of my life, ttravel more. We work so hard. And a lot of times I take my work trips as they vacation. Not smart. Andrew and I have made a major point to try and travel the world. And there's me in costa rica. And in borneo. So, I encourage everyone to get this book and look at inspirations for travel. The one place you haven't been, italy. And over to the bikini shots. We'll be back for "gma live!" This is by a great photographer, jacques folay. You see the gondolas parked there. You couldn't see this when we were picking our favorites and not think of our dear, dear robin roberts, who is thankfully going to be taking us all back to venice with her when she gets back here to "gma." A special broadcast. You want to see this. Also, a personal favorite. It's "get the led out." A beautiful, detailed history, for me, it was my band. Really? This is my band. Yeah. Many firsts to the song you're hearing right now, "stairway to heaven." Hmm. Leave that on the table. High school slow dance song. And kennedy center honor for lifetime achievement in the arts. Being given to one of the great bands of all-time. Cars. I love cars. You can buy this book or pay the mortgage. This is the most expensive book I've seen in my life. It's $695. You can buy a car for that. If you've got it like that -- you can buy a car. The book is. It doesn't come with a car. But look, as a kid growing up, what you wanted was a shelby lotus, that put the british carmaker back on the market. And incredible car shots in here, as well. Since ruben is a photographer, now, I've started to get into photography books. One of the things he does, is fashion photography. I hope he is not up this morning because this will be under the christmas tree. A lot of these "vanity fair" pictures. If you're into fashion. It's the thought that counts, ruben. Don't look. Great books, all. You can find out more about our choices. See everything about it. At goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Who is across the way right there? Mario.

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{"id":17943042,"title":"Holiday Coffee-Table Books Make Great Gifts","duration":"4:52","description":"\"GMA\" takes a look at some of the biggest trends this holiday season.","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-coffee-table-books-2012-queen-elizabeth-led-17943042","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}