Holiday Cooking With Emeril Lagasse

The famed chef shares recipes from some of his most popular restaurants.
2:39 | 12/16/15

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Transcript for Holiday Cooking With Emeril Lagasse
I don't know about you guys. How about we get great ideas for the perfect holiday meal from my buddy, emeril. We are joined now by our great friend, emeril in a segment sponsored by Las Vegas with the holiday season upon us. You're here to share some of your favorite recipes and how to cook for the holidays but before we get to that. You're a spokesperson for las Vegas. Tell me about Vegas at new year's and uncorked event. There's always something going on in Vegas. Venetian event, new year's eve there is insane. There's so much to do. There's shopping, eating, there's every restaurant you can possibly think of. Great shopping, and then the tenth anniversary of Vegas uncorked is coming up which is going to be a huge celebration, I promise you that. That's the spring. That's the spring. Before we get there we have to get through the holidays. This year when you think about celebration and new year's eve for me I think about like really amazing food, particularly these like little petite filet Ming yons. Let's get started. In a saucepan what we'll do is start and make the red wine sauce, shallots and garlic and a little bit of herbs I'm using fresh rosemary. Once this sort of cooks we'll just add some red wine and let it reduce, it's going to evaporate and concentrate in flavor and that's what we have right here. See, once we have the evaporation. Chutney-like. Now we'll adjust a little bit -- this is a reduced beef stock, demi-glace is another name for it. Our filets. Got to season them. One of my favorite steaks I've ever had in Vegas. Salt, pepper, then you got to have a little bit of my essence. I said this the other day. Essence. I said this the other day to you, essence, what? Maybe -- Now I know. Maybe that was the baby? That was the baby. The baby's got a lot to learn. Pan sauteing that and basically, ginger, for me, 125 degrees internalal temperature is a good medium rare. Okay, so that's basically what we have right here. Medium rare then what we'll do. We take a slice of the maitre D' hotel butter on top. That red wine sauce we reduced right on top of that and then to go with it, in celebration of new year's eve, green beans as almondine and made you Mac and cheese. Don't leave me alone. Thank you so much for being here. Find the recipes on our website, on Yahoo! And see you in Vegas for new

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"The famed chef shares recipes from some of his most popular restaurants.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35795513","title":"Holiday Cooking With Emeril Lagasse","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-cooking-emeril-lagasse-35795513"}