Holiday Coupons: Thanksgiving on a Budget

Five money saving tips from "Coupon Mom" Stephanie Nelson.
3:32 | 11/17/11

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Transcript for Holiday Coupons: Thanksgiving on a Budget
Thanksgiving is getting more expensive the average cost of a holiday meal is expected to go up 13%. This year. So we asked the -- -- mom Stephanie Nelson to join us with ways to save right now hey Stephanie -- -- So you're eighteen your tips -- that we cannot make Thanksgiving a whole lot more affordable in the first thing you say is to go with. Pumpkin pie over apple pie why is that. That's right it's really -- knowing the cost of ingredients for different I -- so. If you knew that -- actually much less expensive to make an apple pie and it's also a -- if -- -- everyone loves it. -- -- on your menu and look at different options and and picked -- that are less expensive your -- never know the difference. All right. And that is Clinton makes some people potentially Angela about an hour -- perhaps -- Hi -- and do it but not tell anybody that they're doing it and you say that if you can't. Make a fresh pumpkin pie perhaps you can't go frozen in. Well I get to conduct frozen if you are coupon user it's pretty it's -- money by buying up frozen apple hire pumpkin pie because they're on sale. There -- coupons for them and -- expense of -- -- the bakery and my family hasn't noticed a difference. And that's certainly a lot easier act exactly especially in if you warmed Aberdeen you're saying nobody knows right little whip cream who's -- now an and speaking up frozen new law say that we sit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I'll tell you what -- leave that up to the professionals again that frozen generals -- one of the items that the stores have on sale because I know -- one appliance commitment among rock bottom prices. -- the store you can find coupons for that and are delicious. And so much easier to make and making her out I look for lots of short cuts for Thanksgiving dinner yet sounds like it -- cranberry Sox. Lot of debate you know -- -- -- popular cranberry sauce that I compared you can make your cranberry sauce fresh cranberries. Or you can use canned cranberry sauce and that's one of those where. It's much easier and much less expensive to go with canned cranberries. Stirred up normalcy and alliance and on the -- the difference at -- exactly is that included in the -- credible and now right. That's right finally -- most important part that Turkey although some would say it's not the most important -- that sides but but the Turkey the Turkey. How paternity big box on the Turkey well the good news is that even aggression prices have gone up. Grocery stores known about it they put turkeys on very low prices -- get us in the door that he is the prices. The lowest -- on frozen turkeys. And they're perfectly cut. -- is you need to make sure you buy it aren't -- advance together for days -- on your fridge and a frozen Turkey might cost half what -- -- -- -- And it all adds up that we all of these things at all adds up -- -- some serious money. That's right actually Thanksgiving dinner is one of the least expensive meals made if you shop the sales use coupons -- -- shortcuts. And everyone's happy and you have a lot of leftovers. You are right. Are right thanks so much Stephanie loves all of your advice always thanks for having -- our aunts or. All of your Thanksgiving -- -- you can go to Stephanie web site. Coupon mom dot com and of course every Thursday if you want to save money -- to Good Morning America for our exclusive deals only for Jimmy.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"Five money saving tips from \"Coupon Mom\" Stephanie Nelson.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14974177","title":"Holiday Coupons: Thanksgiving on a Budget","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-coupons-thanksgiving-budget-14974177"}