Holiday Gifts For Your Gal Pals

What to get your co-worker to stay on their good side.
4:12 | 12/01/11

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Transcript for Holiday Gifts For Your Gal Pals
Adding a gift for your coworkers can be tricky especially for -- gal pals you want to keep buying goods sad. With a little help from recession east -- chief Nicole -- we've done all the hard work for you because Nicole is here with some ideas for great holiday presents that work -- call hey -- -- CEO so first step you love to things Jacob magic's wallet and DDF earbuds but. Allow you to give a little glamour without break in the bank. That's exactly right and that's the recession Easter way to have your holiday -- kicker magic's wallet I had one when I was in Collins they're a little enough. To keep your metro -- your credit card and still small enough but to put in your -- -- PBF who doesn't love -- -- and I love what she stands for Diane stands for being fierce. And a feminine. And sky -- but also successful. You'll never forget your first wrap -- and you'll probably never forget if -- girlfriend gave you wanna -- if these are these. Really stylish you're bonds and you don't want to think about going to the -- over the holiday season but -- that you give when you're -- -- gal pals one of these -- Kenya has really put a lot of emphasis into their lower and products perhaps -- get to the -- and style. In style that's right and it didn't cost a fortune which is that's right that's right. Are you both love -- China -- teaching them a little while ago on Good Morning America and they know that you are a big sand about giving child or China at work. I think this is just a really thoughtful president and -- and I know you love them as well because you don't have to do that lipstick tests. The -- anti you have a wine party and you don't know whose glasses who not only can you do -- little design is only about twenty bucks each. And you can also do little doodles I think it's -- really kind of unique. Personal as president that you can give your gal pal that you don't really know what else to -- but it's a creative one. Very creative much -- them elect charms on the last that's right yeah that's right they aren't able. Yes exactly -- -- -- you got a little secret called supermodel. In a bottle -- wouldn't want that. I need to show me what that -- that's -- so fantastic and that everybody wants a little bit and that it's up from benefit and we like the names from benefit because they have things like supermodel in a bottle and it really enhances your complexion and gives you a little bit of that -- 26 dollars. So perhaps you're so so gal pal really appreciate not only getting her out there in that fashion but perhaps the -- Snags to Washington. Tonight -- -- -- -- gas is speaking out the guys easy forget Harry and David Tuesday think. PG and today. I think they have -- -- of the month club and you don't need to do it goes Harry and David of the month -- with a fruit and -- that's a little passe I think Burton 1995. You can pick your favorite peanut butter and -- is that you can't. -- on apparent and you -- -- -- out of the -- we will not judge you -- but I think it's a really fun. And different things again. Yes it is very -- and show creativity -- -- you know that you that you put some effort into it. Yeah absolutely and in -- you know. Lots of different peanut butter as I don't think there's anything battery life really. I don't think that and finally you have a hit clutch from Marc -- is Avon's cool line. Oh yeah. Younger -- hotter version of -- it is mark it looks like a little -- that you can take out -- -- you don't know what to get and that gal pal because you're not best season we're not here to tell you what to get your best friend Tori. You should know your best friend well enough today get her. Exactly what she wants. But that turns into little make up container where you can find your -- in your eye shadows in your lipsticks and whatnot and it's only twenty dollars you can grab it and -- the town. And then it kind of doubles as -- -- little guys and I think we're. You know more than -- gal pals at this -- believe this you're just in case you. -- You very sweet I'm gonna go shopping right now with all of your recommendations. Thanks -- the call them all right -- And firm art section friendly gift ideas from the cold as well as all of her general recession these do -- go to -- east dot com.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"What to get your co-worker to stay on their good side. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15066882","title":"Holiday Gifts For Your Gal Pals","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-gifts-gal-pals-15066882"}