Holiday Gifts: When's the Best Time to Buy?

Becky Worley breaks down the best time to buy those much needed gifts.
3:30 | 11/26/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Holiday Gifts: When's the Best Time to Buy?
Get all those people they are packing the malls across the country this weekend with their holiday shopping lists in hand looking for bargains of course business. Doing the best time to find those holiday gifts or are there some things you should wait a little bit longer to pick up. GMA technology contributor and shopping guru Becky Worley is joining us via Skype from Oakland California she has a crystal ball and that you have all the answers right about what. We should note. And candidate take carried fascinating and you know this here is funky because there are normally about the war Saturdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas but this your Christmas falls on a Sunday. So we're gonna get an extra weekend day. And I think I'm that -- the procrastinators. And the through the least those are going to be duking it out to get those last minute deals. I figures speaking about most men out there -- that -- All right -- people are thinking about buying those tablet computers this holiday when's the best time to buy those an hour later. Tablets aren't buying now last -- Or percent of people surveyed say yeah like -- tablet this year fifteen lots of demand. Now the iPad is the clear winner apple put it on sale yesterday that's their only sale of the year you won't get it discounted directly from apple again. So by now when it comes to Kindle -- Amazon did not put it on until yesterday and -- think that's an indication they're not going to. Also very much -- a lot of demand for that. So by now one exception is the android tablets like the Galaxy Tab I have a feeling we might see a fire sale here so wait on those android tablet. I have -- mom of one and a two year old I have done all their shopping got -- -- toys but what do you recommend was like a little -- earlier was I okay. OK first of all I just I'd just giving you mad props that's -- I'm. So that I have you know. -- you know the thing about toys is you should probably wait. Because toys historic. They're cheapest ride around the Black Friday weekend they get cheaper as we get towards. The Christmas holiday. A good example I -- the Nintendo 3-D S the little hand -- gaming system. It was -- the 145 last week -- almost everywhere they Jack the price up to 169. Or Black Friday so wait. Okay so I totally messed up on I want. Are you don't. Organize very good much time is money out what about TV's. Yet TDs it's another one of those that depends so let's talk about the brand names first for brand names you should wait there's no new technology. A 380 no L leading LL CD that they can market to sell us all they can do to get -- to buy new is drop those prices and there didn't do that like crazy along a well worn pattern. What happens is right around Christmas those prices definitely so often and the best prices are -- be -- to proposal if you can. Wait until the new year but the discount brands the -- next to Westinghouse the insignia. Those had some really good prices this weekend so they should probably be gobbled up before the Thanksgiving leftovers -- gone. All right -- that was such good information thank you so much hyped cell really help all those people having in the malls this weekend. And now that the holiday season is in full swing we want to hear from you what is your family secret to saving money saving time or simply saving your sanity during the holidays. Go to Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! and let us now.

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{"id":15032101,"title":"Holiday Gifts: When's the Best Time to Buy?","duration":"3:30","description":"Becky Worley breaks down the best time to buy those much needed gifts. ","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-gifts-whens-best-time-buy-15032101","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}