Holiday Lights Synced to LMFAO

California Homeowner added a Santa hat to his Halloween lighting setup.
1:03 | 12/19/11

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Transcript for Holiday Lights Synced to LMFAO
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Serena Serena right now can have a real hard time with. The second time -- continually takes matching up so. Not -- performing later today. Never -- but we saw Halloween house the -- -- -- a bit earlier this year. Well that house in Riverside California decided hey why not up to -- -- they got the Christmas virgin. And it sexy and I know -- take a look at he's got us. All -- -- the song. And -- -- you've seen it actually yeah yeah see you guys were not -- -- work -- -- with some well you know. We've met a guy Kevin Jerome -- you children's health -- -- 170. I had. And we wanted him to work. -- saw. You know so yeah. Yeah if we weren't maybe the.

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{"id":15187647,"title":"Holiday Lights Synced to LMFAO ","duration":"1:03","description":"California Homeowner added a Santa hat to his Halloween lighting setup.","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-house-lights-synced-lmfao-song-sexy-christmas-15187647","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}