Hottest Toys of the 2013 Holiday Season

ToysRUs Senior Vice President Lisa Harnish has all the toys your kids will want.
3:00 | 11/28/13

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Transcript for Hottest Toys of the 2013 Holiday Season
Time to take a look at the hottest toys of the holiday season. And we've actually called in an expert. And we're going to stay here to do it. Lisa harnisch is senior vice president of toys at toys "r" us. I can't imagine a better job. A happy thanksgiving to you, lisa. Thank you so much for joining us. I do want to start with your hottest toys. And I want to start with one that sarina cannot get enough of at home. The loom craze has struck. And you have the crazy loom for us. Absolutely. This is a trend that is sweeping the nation. And this is our shimmer and sparkle cra-z loom braceletmaker. 3,000 rubber bands, two looms, two hooks, a carrying case. Comes in a blue option as well as a pink option. I know, sarina, you're watching at home. We'll see. I'll talk to santa. We'll see. Moving along now. The infinity. I know this is somethinging from our parent company, disney. It looks terrific. That's right. This is a disney infinity, immersive video game. Just hit stores this year. Hot, hot toy. Today, we're having it at 50% off. 37.49. Kids are loving this item. And a toy that is ugly in name only. Yes. This is our ugly pet, our little pug. The uglys. He makes 30 different off-color noises. Kids love it. Parents think it's very entertaining. If it doesn't break the tv, we can all agree. Lisa, give us some context today. We hear so much about what this day could be like. What do you expect at toys "r" us on this brown thursday? Toys "r" us is opening nationwide at 5:00 p.M. Today. So, we are superexcited to get this season started. It's the official kickoff to the holiday shopping season. Toys "r" us has the hottest toys. You have the best chance of finding them in stock here. Lisa, thank you for joining us. We want to thank the employees at toys "r" us and all of the employees in the retail industry who are going into work so the rest of us may work the turkey off as we shop. Thanks for joining us on this thanksgiving.

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{"id":21041076,"title":"Hottest Toys of the 2013 Holiday Season","duration":"3:00","description":"ToysRUs Senior Vice President Lisa Harnish has all the toys your kids will want.","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-shopping-2013-hottest-toys-2014-holiday-season-21041076","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}