Holiday Shopping Season Kicks Into High Gear

Holiday Shopping Season Kicks Into High Gear
2:14 | 11/22/15

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Transcript for Holiday Shopping Season Kicks Into High Gear
Welcome back. After your Thanksgiving Turkey is carved and eaten, the holiday shopping season kicks off into high gear and ABC news Krob or the Becky Worley joins us from Oakland, California, to help us plan our shopping strategy. Tell us the best days to buy the most popular items? Reporter: Yeah, good morning, Paula. This first one, toys, you need to be paying attention. Thanksgiving day, good news, many of them online, TVs and laptops, these are still the big door busters, they're coming out on Thanksgiving for the best prices, mostly in store. When it comes to clothing, black Friday. And shoes are cyber Monday. You look your directing that shoe comment directly at me. Thank you, Becky. Most people love shopping on amaz Amazon. It's so easy. You say shopping on, it's going to be different this year. That's right. They do their deals with lightning deals, they come and go kind of randomly, limited quantity. Your prime members will have 30 minutes early access to those deals and that's a big deal when there's limited quantity, but some of them will have watch alerts, they'll text you, they want you to buy through their mobile app. Yeah, they're trying to lure you. You also said to think outside the box when you plan your shopping, how so? Reporter: Well, black Friday has become this big travel deal day, and Home Depot has a sale, bathroom vanity, anyone? And whole foods has a wine sale. Think about the cash you have and this is the opportunity to buy a couple of months in advance and save a bundle. Becky, great tips. Always great to have you. Happy shopping this week and happy eating. You, too, Paula.

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