Holiday Spending Hangover

Tips to dig out of debt in 2012.
3:18 | 01/05/12

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Transcript for Holiday Spending Hangover
If you went over your holiday budget and you are now suffering from a spending hangover. Don't despair because recession east and chief Nicole lapin is here. With just the remedy for your sickness -- called made -- agree that you know good to see so the first step to really get out of this mess is to do what you call double time double time. Action and I know this sounds really painful but of course you spent so much over the holiday season trying to doubled down on your credit card payments until at least -- over that holiday hangover. I know this sounds extremely painful but you don't want to get into the situation at -- where you're spending fifty dollars when you ultimately do pay off that credit card statement. -- -- -- got her uncle Bob. -- at extra payment right now -- your next to actually help you make that extra payment. Which you say is to get some money from Uncle Sam. And that's right. April 15 seems like a long long ways away but as -- Lindsey about all of your forms from your -- -- your bank's. Or other investment companies. Go right to it and if you're one of those -- lucky ones among us and you're getting a refund. That could actually ease some of the pain that you were feeling by doubling down on the credit card -- Our right and if that's our and other that you can get some money say -- to do some. Asked. Her to come up with some extra exactly spring cleaning it does not have to have been in the spring it -- -- -- -- right now and if you're like me you probably -- bags and bags of stuff that's probably in great condition or has never been more and because you -- with -- wouldn't get to -- But let's be serious you never will you can -- -- on eBay you can sell it on Craigslist and that could really turn into some serious. Bunch -- -- absolutely consignment to still be too absolute numbers and catch RA. And so that's just absolutely cannot stay away from stores right now there's some things that you say. It's actually OK and in fact perhaps you want us to go by him right now. Yeah housing this whole space in your blog live from doing Europe winds are clean and now you must raise fuel horrid all of your supplies over next here. Sixty to 70% -- is what we're seeing in the stores of war wrapping Paper -- ornaments. Get all of your holiday shopping done extremely early your wallet will thank you and you'll probably think yourself or for getting a jumpstart on it next holidays. And finally perhaps best year for that spending hangover is statistic pat and Joyce and down those -- you know little -- if you're like me you're totally worth sidled out you heard totally holiday concert an -- and frankly probably how. In very big bill from all of the dinners you spends out to all of the bar hopping that you may have done is -- just enjoy those holiday presents you received. Whether it's a great book and that you just god or whether it's a -- Jack and the -- wanna go play in the snow and but do little thing that makes you happy but doesn't necessarily break. Right doctor Cole this time they can't think yes absolutely. And of course you can find so much more for shocking and and saving advice from -- recession -- dot com. And don't forget you can get exclusive shopping deals only for Good Morning America from every -- on GM.

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{"id":15298421,"title":"Holiday Spending Hangover ","duration":"3:18","description":"Tips to dig out of debt in 2012.","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-spending-hangover-tips-dig-out-debt-new-year-2012-business-15298421","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}