Holiday Toy Dangers: Federal Authorities Issue Warning

Pierre Thomas reports on why parents should be careful what toys they buy this holiday season.
1:43 | 11/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Holiday Toy Dangers: Federal Authorities Issue Warning
The disturbing headline from authoritieses. A big warning for parents this holiday season. Be careful about the toys you buy for your kids. Abc's pierre thomas has the story. Reporter: This might look like fun, u.S. Customs officers blowi blowing bubbles with these toys. But the work is deadly serious and might save your child's life. Thursday, authorities were testing this car in a new jersey warehouse, out of the box, for lead contamination. It says fail. It shows there's an excessively high content of lead in these rubber tires. That's something children could ingest. And that would be harmful to their development. Reporter: This year, customs officials and the consumer product safety commission, have blocked records amounts of overse shipments, seizing more than 2 million toys and children's products. Parents, grandparents, pleads be vigilant and think safety when you shop. Reporter: Dolls and action figures, toy guns and cars. The prime gifts that should bring holiday cheer are sometimes the most dangerous items. Lead contamination is a growing concern. In some cases, the lead levels are 1,000-times higher than u.S. Federal standards allow. There are toys that get through customs that end up on toy shelves. But we also send people in to do retail sweeps. Reporter: What can you do to protect your child? Examine the toy closely for possible choking and electrical hazards. And red flags -- pricey-looking toys that seem way too cheap. If a deal seems too good to be true, george, it probably is. And there may be something wrong with that toy.

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{"id":17845117,"title":"Holiday Toy Dangers: Federal Authorities Issue Warning","duration":"1:43","description":"Pierre Thomas reports on why parents should be careful what toys they buy this holiday season.","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-toy-lead-dangers-federal-authorities-issue-warning-17845117","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}