How to Save on Holiday Travel Using Twitter

Searching the social media site could help you save big on flights and hotels.
2:07 | 12/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How to Save on Holiday Travel Using Twitter
How to save on holiday travel using Twitter. Turns out it's a great way to find out some of the hottest deals. And Becky Worley shows us how it's done. Reporter: Luck, persistence, and timing. That's what it takes to get a good deal on travel. But Twitter may be the newest addition to that list. : The best content wins on Twitter. Relate that back to travel. The best content are the best deals. Savings of hundreds of dollars to even thousands of dollars. Reporter: So here's how. First find the deal experts and follow them. Travel zoo, the flight deal, and travel sites like hot wire deals. Follow the hotels and airlines that you're interested in. They often announce deal on social media first. Now Twitter's about immediaty. When you see that deal, grab it fast. Next, the ting that makes Twitter so powerful, it's searchable. You can search for a Hawaii deal or cheap cruise. You never know who's trying to promote a flash sale. And on the other side, you can and for that deal. Please, find me a hotel room. No, not and like that. Although I've found that does help. But on Twitter you can post what you're looking for, and there are companies out there scanning for customers based on the content of their tweets. Finally, if you have issues, lost baggage, delayed flight, make them very public on Twitter. Many of the airlines have 24/7 social desks looking for issues and trying to resolve them. When you're voicing a complaint on Twitter, make sure that you're concise in what the issue is, and make sure that you're polite. So Bonn joy yaj in 140 characters or less. For ABC news, Becky Worley, California. He is right about make sure you're polite. Especially at the airport, and the ones that are angry at the desk. But if you go up -- They get kicked off planes, the angry ones. For sure. And then post it on Twitter. Move on to the "Morning

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"Searching the social media site could help you save big on flights and hotels.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27360848","title":"How to Save on Holiday Travel Using Twitter","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-travel-savings-twitter-27360848"}