Holiday week movie guide

From award contenders to crowd pleasers, there's a movie for everyone as the Oscar races heat up.
4:22 | 12/25/17

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Transcript for Holiday week movie guide
this week while you're home with your family from blockbusters to Oscar hopefuls, Chris Conley has its all. P.T. Barnum at your service. Reporter: A singing hue Jackson in "The greatest showman". You clearly have a flare for show business. For show business? Yes. Reporter: In I Tonya, margaux robber as the famous singer from the '90s. Releases in December often mean real actors playing real people. This holiday season, filmmakers hope that you'll want to be part of the year end award conversations. Fan come thread is said to be Daniel day Lewis's adios to acting. "Call me by your name" seeks to reinvent the romance film. I can show you around. That would be great, thank you. Reporter: Guillermo del toro's "The shape of water" pits Michael Shannon against Sally Hawkins. It's been building Oscar business for months. Is she deaf? Reporter: While part of Nebraska Alexander Payne shrinks Matt Damon for downsizing. Nervous? A little. Reporter: Three bill boards outside ebbing, Missouri is Francis mcdormand a mother. I don't think those bill boards are fair. Reporter: "Lady bird". Lady bird, is that your given name? Given to me by me. Reporter: Gary oldman is Churchill in "Darkest hour" and wi willem Dafoe. And the last jedi. In a galaxy closer to home, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin hart in juman jumanji, welcome to the jungle. I am not a fighting bull. Reporter: And Anna Kendrick harmonize for a third go around in "Pitch perfect 3." ??? I'm coming up so you better get this party started ??? Reporter: Contenders and crowd pleasers, all eager for your post holiday attention at a theatre near you. Let's finish this. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Chris Conley, ABC news, Los Angeles. For those of you who feel like staying at home there's always the good old Christmas movies, the classics. Do you guys have a favorite? Love actually. The airport scene is always so great. Worth watching. Anybody else? A Christmas story every time. I have to do it. Yeah. It never gets old. I watch the whole thing. Shoot your eye out! Amazing, most men love "Love actually." In my locker room guys loved it. When you were playing for the giants? Yeah. We loved that movie. It goes straight to the heart. Who knew? Okay. I have a musical cue for my favorite movie. Can you hit it. ??? ??? ??? I'm Mr. Green Christmas ??? Do you remember the heat Mizer? I love the heat Mizer. Robin, "The year without a Santa Claus." It is a classic. I'm Mr. Heat Mizer, I'm Mr. Sun, I'm Mr. Heat Mizer, I'm Mr. 101. I'll be honest with you, my TV must not have had that

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"From award contenders to crowd pleasers, there's a movie for everyone as the Oscar races heat up. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51984344","title":"Holiday week movie guide","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-week-movie-guide-51984344"}