Hollywood A-Listers Lend Their Voices to Inspirational Documentary

Kerry Washington, Meryl Streep share message of education and empowerment in "Girl Rising."
3:00 | 10/11/13

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Transcript for Hollywood A-Listers Lend Their Voices to Inspirational Documentary
Educate girls and you can change the world. That's malala's message. And the message of a film called "girl rising." It's being screened in communities all around the world today, to commemorate this, the international day of the girl. Hollywood a-listers like meryl streep and kerry washington, lent their voices to the film. Last time kerry was here, I had a chance to sit down with her. And she shared with me how important this project is to her. In daydreams, she pictured freshly sharpened pencils. Rows of desks. Reporter: Daydreams about learning to read. Learning to write. Millions of girls in developing countries can only dream about going to school. I spent my days working. I woke before dawn. Cleaned the house. Washed the clothes, the dishes. Reporter: "Girl rising" reveals the enormous challenges girls in developing countries face if they want to receive an education. The documentary spotlights the remarkable stories of nine girls in countries ranging from haiti to afghanistan, who fought for their chance to go to school, despite extreme poverty, natural disasters and forced labor. I'll just try harder. Reporter: Each girl was paired with a writer from their country. Their words, brought to life by a host of hollywood a-listers like anne hathaway, alicia keys and kerry washington. This is a parachute project. Tell me how you came to "girl rising." One of the producers said, i know you're passionate about women and girls. We're making a film about the power of education to transform girls' lives all over the world. And we're taking that power and paying it forward. I can't really talk about everything that happened to me here. But I will never forget. Reporter: You spent time with a young woman from nepal? She is a young woman who has been able to overcome odds that are unimaginable through the power of learning. Reporter: The statistics are staggering. 66 million girls are out of school globally. And there are 33 million fewer girls than boys in primary schools. It is a life or death issue. And a child is born to a woman who can read, they're 50% more likely to live above the age of 5. This is about saving children's lives. Reporter: So, what can you do to promote change? Actress freida pinto challenges viewers to take action. If you're able, the girls of the world need as much financial support as you can give. The call to action is probably the most important part of a documentary film like this. You show them that there are various ways you can come forward and help. But it's creating awareness. Money, a very important part of it. Reporter: Today, on the international day of the girl, thousands of communities worldwide will host screenings of "girl rising," making one Educate girls and you will change the world. It's really as simple as that. And let me tell you, it is a beautiful, beautiful film. And it's being screened all across the world today. It's in your neighborhood. Make sure you go by. Go to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! To learn more about "girl rising," and how you can help educate girls all around the world. On this, the international day of the girl. I'm thinking of little sarina

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{"id":20542018,"title":"Hollywood A-Listers Lend Their Voices to Inspirational Documentary","duration":"3:00","description":"Kerry Washington, Meryl Streep share message of education and empowerment in \"Girl Rising.\"","url":"/GMA/video/hollywood-listers-lend-voices-inspirational-documentary-20542018","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}