Celeb Stalker Escapes Hospital

Robert Hoskins is reportedly threatening the celebrity community again.
1:57 | 02/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Celeb Stalker Escapes Hospital
Developing story in Hollywood this morning and police warnings about a dangerous stalker who escaped from a mental hospital last week and is now a portly threaded threatening again. ABC Cecilia Vega is live in Los Angeles with much more on this good morning to Syria. Good morning Robin now Madonna was the first target for rob. -- -- he's described as a -- or someone who's been in and out of mental institutions. Her testimony against -- helped put him behind bars the very first time now he is out on the loose and nowhere to be found. Hollywood -- Robert Hoskins famous for threatening to kill pop superstar Madonna with a knife is reportedly on the loose. The senior who just allowed it to Super Bowl testified against Hoskins in 1996. For stalking her all over Southern California in the early ninety's. Hoskins even managed to climb a wall surrounding her home in the Hollywood Hills he was shot twice by her security guards. The material girl testified against Hoskins at trial. Saying she was incredibly disturbed to be in the same room -- him. Hoskins was convicted and went to prison for ten years. Now police are saying that he's escaped from a Los Angeles area state mental hospital missing -- last Friday. And according to TM ZE he is allegedly back -- stocking making the same -- seeing threats at this time targeting Oscar winning actress Halley Berry. There is reportedly so afraid it she's asking a judge to give her permission to move to France with her daughter and Marla. In a statement police are warning the public that Hoskins is highly psychotic when not taking his medication and has very violent tendencies. And to notify police immediately if he is found and not to engage him on their own. -- after a Madonna's trial against Hoskins she said she hoped his conviction would let other stalking victims know that the system can and does work. No word from her yet now that he's back out again Robin lot of concern necessary thank you very much.

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{"id":15554433,"title":"Celeb Stalker Escapes Hospital","duration":"1:57","description":"Robert Hoskins is reportedly threatening the celebrity community again.","url":"/GMA/video/hollywood-stalker-escapes-mental-hospital-15554433","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}