Hollywood-Style Robbery Scandal Rocks Vatican

Italian spy, Vatican official under arrest for elaborate plot to smuggle $26 million into country.
2:23 | 06/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hollywood-Style Robbery Scandal Rocks Vatican
The vatican caught in a new scandal that sounds like a cross between "ocean's 11" and "da VINCI CODE." A spy and a vatican official, allegedly try to smuggle $26 million into italy aboard a private jet. Nick schifrin has this layered story from london. Reporter: He was once known as the priest who flashed his cash. This morning, he's flashing handcuffs. He's in police custody, accused of fraud, corruption and slander. The plot is right out of "godfather 3." You hold the history. 600 million. Reporter: Here's how it was meant to go down. He had an accomplice, a former spy, who is now italian secret service agent. They flew a private jet to switzerland. They planned to pick up $26 million in cash. Then, fly back, evade customs, drive to his house in an armored convoy, and deliver the loot to three brothers who are shipping magnates to avoid taxes. The plan was scuttled at the last minute, apparently because it was too complicated. Not just a bad deal. They're butchers. Reporter: The vatican bank is supposed to be the holiest of the world. But corruption has been part of it since the 16th century. He would pay for his or her forgiveness in coin. Gold. Silver. Promissory notes. Reporter: Back in 1982 in london, the man known as god's banker was found hanging from a bridge. His pockets full of cash and bricks. But today, pope francis promises to fight corruption. He recently pointed out that st. Peter didn't have a bank account. Pope francis is very serious, for example, about reforming vatican finances. And I think he believes he has a mandate to do so. Reporter: This is the second allegation he faces. He is accused of taking $700,000 that was donated for the terminally ill. And instead, using it to pay off his mortgage. And the bank teller before he became a priest, says to his lawyer that he is innocent and can explain everything. But this morning the vatican admits that the problems may be getting worse. It caught six possible attempts of money laundering. This year, the number is already seven.

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{"id":19531296,"title":"Hollywood-Style Robbery Scandal Rocks Vatican ","duration":"2:23","description":"Italian spy, Vatican official under arrest for elaborate plot to smuggle $26 million into country.","url":"/GMA/video/hollywood-style-robbery-scandal-rocks-vatican-19531296","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}