Hollywood Re-Thinks Blockbuster Strategy

Industry insiders predict fewer big budget films with higher ticket prices.
2:01 | 06/15/13

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Transcript for Hollywood Re-Thinks Blockbuster Strategy
-- Hollywood is preparing for a blockbuster weekend with a highly anticipated release of Superman. And any complaining about the cost of the trip to the movies will have a lot to gripe about -- the prediction made by a couple of industry titans proved to be true. They're forecasting a new arrow where there could be fewer blockbusters but it'll cost you more to go see them ABC's David Wright has the details. Figures. There -- Just like the -- in an Iron Man three Hollywood's most powerful characters. Have some tough -- with the moviegoing public. -- cannot allow you to do this and -- -- in the new Star -- which hit just trying to resisted this could just be beginning. -- -- higher prices at the box so that's what. Going to the -- that the helicopter fifty bucks maybe a hundred -- 150. The USC panel discussion that aired on CNBC George Lucas and Steven Spielberg explained all. In the future some movie tickets will cost more than others you're gonna have to pay 25 dollars could be the next. Iron Man. And you're probably -- to gonna have to pay seven dollars he Lincoln. Turns out all movies are not created equal that period piece like Lincoln. Doesn't cost nearly as much -- half the sky high money making potential of say Superman man of steel dispute are actually making fewer movies in total. They're concentrating more of their resources into these big films. So in the future fewer movies will stay in theaters longer and the industry believes some movie tickets can command as much as a Broadway Show -- someone is going to break that barrier and saying we're gonna charge more for this movie. Because the cost more to make and deceive the public will put up but that the question is when will soon. Now are now Good Morning America David Wright ABC news. -- What -- would you pay -- 150 sustained I can't think of 11 that you the end Maxwell. -- -- -- --

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{"id":19409808,"title":"Hollywood Re-Thinks Blockbuster Strategy","duration":"2:01","description":"Industry insiders predict fewer big budget films with higher ticket prices.","url":"/GMA/video/hollywood-thinks-blockbuster-strategy-19409808","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}