Home Alone Girl, 12, Shoots Robber Breaking Into Her Home

Mark Greenblatt has the remarkable story of a young child reacting to danger.
3:00 | 10/20/12

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Transcript for Home Alone Girl, 12, Shoots Robber Breaking Into Her Home
The story of the twelve year old girl home alone when a robber broke into her house she grabbed her mom's -- called 911 and then the whole thing played out on tape. And now this girl is telling her story -- ABC's mark Greenblatt is covering it all this morning good morning sir good morning to you this is a story that begins with a twelve year old girl. Who's at home alone hearing loud sounds of banging at the door that's when the glass shattered. And her defense instincts kicked in. Home alone twelve year old -- saint -- heard the sounds of an intruder approaching. And then breaking into her house -- is scared and not knowing when I was -- naics petrified her first call was to her mom. Acid can forget again. And -- get in my closet mail and com -- on one. Terrified the sixth -- followed her mom's orders to the T. Yeah. I can't have a bad feeling that allegedly and the Olympian camp. Yeah. Clutching a forty caliber Glock like this Kendra fear only intensified as the intruder headed right for the closet. Don't -- -- all right all right -- can be -- -- -- and -- yeah. -- let me. Suddenly sheer terror. As the doorknob to the closet begins to turn the twelve year old didn't hesitate and pulled the trigger of a gun for the first time in her life. -- -- -- -- I didn't think I was actually -- have to -- some night. And apparently she's a pretty good shot police say she hit 32 year old Stacy Jones in the shoulder on her first try scaring him out of the house. They arrested him just blocks away charging him with first degree burglary. I think it's gonna change me. Whole lot. Knowing that I can. Hold my head up -- and nothing can hurt -- anymore mom couldn't be more proud or thankful. I think that she -- -- something that must've grown ups wouldn't be able to bid and frightening situation I think she Kandahar south. Amazingly. The suspect in this case has not entered a plea yet but Dan -- there's no doubt that this story can have turned out a whole lot different had this girl not -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you --

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{"id":17524596,"title":"Home Alone Girl, 12, Shoots Robber Breaking Into Her Home","duration":"3:00","description":"Mark Greenblatt has the remarkable story of a young child reacting to danger.","url":"/GMA/video/home-girl-12-shoots-robber-breaking-home-17524596","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}