Jury Hears Recordings From Home-Invasion Killing

Byron Smith is accused of going too far when he allegedly killed two unarmed teens in a home break-in.
2:07 | 04/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jury Hears Recordings From Home-Invasion Killing
the Minnesota man on trial for killing two teenage intruders in his home. The prosecution saying it wasn't self-defense. It was murder. A bombshell audio recording of the shootings was played in court. Good morning, gio. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Those audio recordings are described as chilling. This is a complicated case. The man kills the teens. And then, waits until the next day to tell police. Prosecutors say it was premeditated murder. A dramatic day two in court for the 65-year-old man accused of going too far and murdering two unarmed teens, who broke into his house Thanksgiving day in 2012. 17-year-old nick Brady and his cousin, 18-year-old Haley. Retired state department security engineer, Byron smith, told police, that after repeated break-ins, he was so fearful, he installed recording devices in his house. Jurors could hear glass breaking, as nick Brady broke in a window in a bedroom upstairs. They could hear footsteps. Reporter: Prosecutors allege smith was lying in wait, in his basement, armed and planning to kill the teens. The first couple of gunshots you hear, just two, loud bangs. And you hear nick Brady groaning. And you hear another bang, and Byron smith says, you're dead. And after that, you can hear a tarp wrestling. And sounds like he's dragging nick Brady across the carpet. Reporter: Minutes later, when she went in the basement looking for Brady, smith shot her, too. And quickly said, oh, sorry about that. But prosecutors say he didn't stop there. Saying oh, my god. And Byron was saying nasty things amid the shotting of her. Reporter: Smith fired the shot that killed her, what he called a good, clean finishing shot. Smith has pleaded not guilty. Smith's attorney argue he shouldn't be held criminally responsible for the death. But prosecutors say the teens posed no dangerhen injured. And they shouldn't have been killed.

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{"id":23436314,"title":"Jury Hears Recordings From Home-Invasion Killing","duration":"2:07","description":"Byron Smith is accused of going too far when he allegedly killed two unarmed teens in a home break-in.","url":"/GMA/video/home-invasion-killing-jury-hears-recordings-byron-smith-23436314","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}