Woman Sues Honda for Allegedly Low MPG

California motorist says her car failed to deliver expected miles per gallon.
1:58 | 01/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Sues Honda for Allegedly Low MPG
We are gonna go now to California this California woman going head to head with one of the world's largest carmaker she says -- Failed to deliver on high mileage so now she's suing for 101000 dollars and if other drivers follow her lead -- could have to add up to a big hit for Honda. -- -- Dan Harris has the story. We've all heard of the People's Court but this woman from California is giving the term a whole new meaning. Fighting for people power over one of them might isn't corporations on earth. When -- -- but this Honda Civic hybrid back in 2006. The -- in the dealership promised fifty miles a gallon. But in reality she says it only got thirty -- a gallon. They went from good morning. Thirty -- and now it's and that's when he's on Tuesday this former lawyer. Went head to head in small claims court with a representative from Honda and he's not busy you don't advertising does it. Who argued this small print on the label clearly stated that mileage is likely to have very. If you use these members and try to -- It's going to be difficult winter -- exactly what kids. In a statement to ABC news Honda said that fuel estimates that were used for the civic hybrid were generated in strict compliance with federal regulations. This morning the judge is still weighing his decision. If -- 200000 other people who bought a civic hybrid follow her lead it could cost Honda two billion dollars transforming her into an anti corporate crusader in the same vein as Norma -- Or Erin Brockovich. If individuals -- enough time decide. -- start suing. A big company -- could -- a big problem. For a lot of major corporations this is about consumer -- -- -- Honda. I mean this is that consumers -- corporations. Are Good Morning America Dan Harris ABC news New York. A huge if she won that two billion dollar hit that we'll -- -- watching closely as we well.

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{"id":15286130,"title":"Woman Sues Honda for Allegedly Low MPG","duration":"1:58","description":"California motorist says her car failed to deliver expected miles per gallon.","url":"/GMA/video/honda-lawsuit-woman-sues-honda-small-claims-court-15286130","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}