Man Allegedly Drowns Wife While Scuba Diving

Years after his wife drowned in Australia, Gabe Watson stands trial in Alabama.
3:12 | 02/14/12

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Transcript for Man Allegedly Drowns Wife While Scuba Diving
To the sensational trial of an Alabama man charged with murdering his wife. On their honeymoon. Gabe Watson allegedly drowned his new wife more than eight years ago while they were scuba diving and Australian until its maker was the partisans here with the latest on this very high profile. Case brought in this trial is very -- usual because Watson has already served eighteen months behind bars in Australia on a negligent manslaughter charge in his wife's death. But there is no international rule on double jeopardy. And now the charge is murder because prosecutors in Alabama contend he planned the crime on US soil. It has been -- the honeymoon murder trial at the centro but Gabe Watson now lead an Alabama court facing charges that he killed his new bride almost a decade ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- Watson and his beautiful 26 -- wife Tina travel to Australia in 2003. For what was supposed to be a dream trip after marrying eleven days earlier tragedy struck while they were diving off the Great Barrier Reef. This is the last image of Tina -- by another diver laying on the ocean floor arms outstretched. A rescue diver racing to save her. She's -- and those -- arms out. You know race stretched. Almost like we're getting -- arms grabbed. Authorities accused -- of turning off his bright air supply but only long enough to kill her. Watson said she drowned in a tragic accident but the prosecution insisted it was premeditated murder the motives his new wife's life insurance money. There's frankly no evidence that -- stood to benefit in any -- from Tina's death. In fact he inherited. He was actually his wife's father who was the beneficiary. Gabe Watson ultimately pled guilty in an Australian court to negligent manslaughter -- has accepted responsibility for being a bad -- body. Watson spent eight teen months in and Australian prison before returning to Alabama in the fall of 2010. Where he was charged with murder -- yet to get this study. Now during this Alabama trial Watson's defense team will argue this was simply an accident. Tina this was her very first open water -- she panicked underwater. The prosecution -- Watson is evil saying he lacked emotion after the death. -- when he returned to Alabama he met with grief counselors he attended a -- -- young widow and -- worst group a support group. He -- -- he was not and it took years. For him to -- If he is convicted of this crime Gabe Watson could face to face life in prison. Watson by the way Robin remarried in 2008 his new wife has stood by him as has his entire family throughout this entire long legal process to settle -- poison your diaper I am. Any teach -- when you're diving to get away from a diaper his panicky because a person panting under water. Can grab your air supply knock off your -- to all sorts of things that could put you in jeopardy were just think I'm right. The -- -- -- have a lot more on this count opening arguments are coming later today he got -- so much -- -- always good to have you here.

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{"id":15580839,"title":"Man Allegedly Drowns Wife While Scuba Diving","duration":"3:12","description":"Years after his wife drowned in Australia, Gabe Watson stands trial in Alabama.","url":"/GMA/video/honeymoon-killer-gabe-watson-allegedly-drowns-wife-scuba-15580839","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}