Divers Testify Against Gabe Watson

Witnesses say they saw no evidence that Gabe Watson's wife panicked while diving
2:33 | 02/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Divers Testify Against Gabe Watson
Now to that dramatic honeymoon murder trial in Alabama Gabe Watson accused of cutting off his wife's air supply why they were -- scuba diving. And Thursday divers who were there the day his wife died raising new questions about what really happened place when he -- with -- what is now the latest on this morning. Good morning -- all -- prosecution witnesses were extremely experienced divers unlike Tina Watson. One was an emergency room Doctor Who spent 45 minutes trying to resuscitate her. He was the first to get on the stand and say he -- no evidence that -- story that Tina panicked while diving and drowned could be true. Deep Watson listened intently as prosecution witness doctor Stanley -- told the court he saw a man and a black wetsuit put his arms under Tina Watson's arms just before she sank to the ocean floor but thought it was. Trying to. Safer. And -- split apart Stotts who was diving near the couple said Tina caught his eye right away. She was in distress. She was facing. Upwards she was -- -- in -- -- from them. But -- -- by the defense -- said he couldn't really be sure where the man whom the defense identified as Gabe Watson put his hands when he went to Tina. Hey you don't know exactly. What second. Edward. Two other divers on the Watson's -- a married couple also testified. Ken Snyder an experienced master diver casts doubt on Gabe Watson's version of events saying it wasn't plausible that -- and knocked off her husband's face mask. As Watson first -- counted two Australian police. See what's in a plausible story. Didn't mixes. Not bells were going off in my head he also said if she had panicked under water is gave claimed she wouldn't -- looked so serene. -- you know full blown panic under water and then all of a sudden serenely start seeking -- hands outstretched looking so. But a very different portrait of Gabe Watson emerged when Snyder's wife Paula took the stand one -- -- man distraught over losing his bride well right. He was trying video appeared to be an insurance. The world yes it was a horrible life. Is no question it. It was Paula Snyder who stayed with gave in Australia that first day after Tina's death and she testified he seemed to be in shock. Her testimony was so emotional the judge had to call for a break in the courtroom she and Gabe Watson -- were both in tears.

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{"id":15708161,"title":"Divers Testify Against Gabe Watson ","duration":"2:33","description":"Witnesses say they saw no evidence that Gabe Watson's wife panicked while diving","url":"/GMA/video/honeymoon-killer-murder-trial-divers-witnesses-testify-gabe-watson-15708161","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}