Honeymoon Murder Trial: Best Friend's Testimony

Dan Abrams on testimony from Tina Watson's best friend in the murder trial.
2:14 | 02/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Honeymoon Murder Trial: Best Friend's Testimony
-- is legal analyst Dan Abrams starting at a -- get these friends of the victim who are saying. The game which is acting very strangely showing pictures -- for an extra caution drowning. -- talking about that insurance. -- yeah I -- look he's either. A little bit weird and inappropriate as the defense will ledge or he's a killer as the prosecution would -- But -- this is not an open and shut case. There are definitely. Things that are being introduced in this case which don't look good for Gabe Watson. Which make him seem like not to a typical grieving husband. But that's not going to be enough. To get a conviction here you're gonna need really hard evidence that -- his story doesn't make sense it can't make sense. And that he changed and as a reason they chased the prosecution. I'll see you putting a lot into motive -- they're going to be insurance policies but the life insurance policy which is Elizabeth points out. He was not the beneficiary but also this travel insurance policy which he did try to cash. And the prosecution alleged that he may have thought he was gonna be the beneficiary of much more money in the life insurance policy well. Insurance he's he's purchased in case something horrible happens. The defense would say in this case something horrible happens and as a result he tried to cash in on some of the travel insurance that in and of itself. Doesn't make him guilty. The problem is. That you've got for example his -- who were expecting to testify. And that his daughter was talking about -- pushing to get more insurance and put it in his name being -- name. That's the sort of thing that that it's with the prosecution's theory. That this was a motive based on that insurance -- also quickly that diet expert with the prosecution witness but he ended up. Really helping events in the both -- and when you have someone who's willing to concede that he was going up pretty quickly. That is helpful. But to the defense because the defense is saying look. He panicked he did when he -- he did what he could. -- he got nervous but but he did answer to take his time and wasn't -- the problem for them is it doesn't show that he stopped. To try to get some help with you click OK Dan Abrams thanks very much.

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{"id":15756479,"title":"Honeymoon Murder Trial: Best Friend's Testimony","duration":"2:14","description":"Dan Abrams on testimony from Tina Watson's best friend in the murder trial.","url":"/GMA/video/honeymoon-murder-trial-best-friends-testimony-15756479","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}