Gabe Watson's Father: 'We All Are Relieved'

Dave Watson talks to George Stephanopoulos about the end of his son's trial.
2:50 | 02/24/12

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Transcript for Gabe Watson's Father: 'We All Are Relieved'
Now let's turn to Gabe Watson's father Dave he joins us this morning and Sarah I can only imagine how relieved you are today. We are all -- very true and we could see it on games face in the courtroom yesterday it was the first thing he said -- Person -- said to me. Mr. long fearful. I don't remember -- -- -- times. Just a long hug and a sigh relief. And I know this is obviously the outcome you hope for for so long where were you surprised. That the judge was so clear so definitive dismissing all of the charges. Well. -- you that's what we hoped for I had no idea what to expect. But this was the fifth did you over two continents. That it come to the sign conclusions. That's certainly what we hope and frightful. And what a nightmare this must've been over -- and half years not only to lose for your son believes his wife -- to be accused of murdering her. He talked about how he wants to focus -- putting his life back together how does he do that. I don't know good question just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It'll take time I'm sure I don't I don't. And you were so gracious your thoughts were also of Tina. Yesterday in her entire family also saw the pain. And the status in the anger. Mr. Thomas do you think there's anything anything at all. Your son can say to him or their family to convince them. That he did not kill Tina. I doubt it I think their mind you made and as I told someone yesterday. The proof of guys -- -- nice to be how he lives the rest of his life. Hopefully people will look back and see that he was a good portion. But I don't know what he incited them to change -- -- put artist plans going forward. Well there. Don't for a -- -- Delighted my wife his wife they're both educators they have to go back toward Monday. -- and I have a business to run so hopefully we'll be back to work Monday and Begin the healing process but you know saying there was everything -- Thomas is described. A beautiful wonderful life -- with a there's a tremendous smile and a personality and we're all in on this are we always will that that will never change regardless and we are all thinking of her again this morning mr. Watson thanks very much for coming on today. Sure thank you.

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{"id":15781963,"title":"Gabe Watson's Father: 'We All Are Relieved'","duration":"2:50","description":"Dave Watson talks to George Stephanopoulos about the end of his son's trial.","url":"/GMA/video/honeymoon-murder-trial-gabe-watsons-father-relieved-charges-15781963","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}