How to host a Thanksgiving dinner for less than $75

DIY expert Brit Morin shares her top tips for hosting a Friendsgiving that will wow your guests, for under $75.
3:49 | 11/17/17

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Transcript for How to host a Thanksgiving dinner for less than $75
Thanksgiving here so we're we are innocent doesn't get hot and my flag. Parents have good. He's talked about earlier it's easy for six people Thanksgiving including to decorations. 175 dollars were doing a quickie here on the decorum. How did you make his adorable to you all right let's talk please settings centerpieces on the place settings me didn't opt for the fabric place faxes or expense that we win Kraft paper and classic means metallic heat tends. To distrust and decoration do you like it gets dry and that we may even start a little Turkey that they play it how to give it a lot that I can do that. And it's just tape it not good at. And for the senate Davis takes some clear taller mountains but some cranberries are current all the and then as pumpkins and doesn't really care re thinking on this at a craft our last minute by the way. Or on sale before Thanksgiving that's genius and the price tag is not well. Very sad not. Okay. Fat. These are six people. For 75 dollars or last. For talking with decorations and all the food we mailed earlier we spent 35 gave dollars to get this festive table top. Now we have forty dollars laughed for food can we really come in. 175. Dollar. India I think I can do yeah anything is possible. Come on out I guess the main events I volunteer who. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. This fantastic let's get right to the visit to the main the Turkey needs that are he would just. So you didn't do a full Turkey didn't for a beautiful Turkey knows can cost twenty to fifty dollars and rest and that's to thicken slowly and I think and this actually 300 today it. Still remember it that way arrest and allowed big and the Cherokee Healy need Franzen the surveys this concern a lot of people and then for the address scene we just use Turkey droppings and starts Anson stopped Saint Andrews Burma. And critics Turkey yeah. Okay so it's good to the sides and there are plenty of them are not skimping I don't know giving the sides of course we need role Linden at Sabina storm barrels again by the can't Rolf. We just sum up with some Carlo but Erickson herbs you can make them look super fancy. Get the cup but always there let's move Roberts of the green bean casserole it's a lot I I admit I never you gotta keep bet but you can't buy friends and being means is that of the crash Wednesday he's the criminal I can see if and then we've hit half francs from you have to do you have the cream of mushrooms are you hit. I'm adding that kind. If you got a flirts for the Friday means you can use some humble potato chips or you can colonel is not a lot of downtime. I ninety. And the mashed potatoes also another staple of course of my dollars are high about maggots it is you can't. There we addicts and whipping cream some of the garlic butter from the role meadow apartments so all the sides together twenty dollars will. Okay. Yeah. I'm getting high at the classic instead of buying a fresh they cracks aren't Piet southeast two dollars to actually buy Graham cracker crust made it south. Let everywhere became cream she said there. And some come in to make the medals no bake actually together take about a so our grand total. I believe we actually. A married name and thirty million I'm. Kent dollar and laughs to buy a lottery pick get. That is awesome bread and Kelly thank you so much and go to our website please for more tips to plan your beautiful Thanksgiving on a budget. Thank you again.

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{"id":51211516,"title":"How to host a Thanksgiving dinner for less than $75","duration":"3:49","description":"DIY expert Brit Morin shares her top tips for hosting a Friendsgiving that will wow your guests, for under $75. ","url":"/GMA/video/host-thanksgiving-dinner-75-51211516","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}